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Usually super calm like a resting cat, but sometimes can rise into a sandstorm, dancing and twisting like there's no tomorrow!

Normally Sand is harmless and even useful to people, for example if you take it home, clean it and manage to make it super hot, you can actually turn it into something as nice as Glass! *w*

But one should be quite careful around the combinations of Sand and Rock because those two together make a dangerous team, specially when Rock is really big and has too many treacherous holes, creating quicksand and Sand traps falling on your head inside caves and blocking you! Its tight embrace actually can be quite suffocating.

But by itself, Sand is the loveliest, warmest and softest thing in the world. But it also has a tendency to get extremely hot when exposed to the morning sunlight, so that's something to be careful about :3

One might think Sand doesn't have an easy life when everybody is stepping on it, but for Sand it's quite a big fetish to be trampled, especially by bare feet~

Sand can be soft or rough, depending on the size of its grains. If you take some rough Sand home and keep grinding it hard every day, it will eventually become amazingly soft and pleasant! And then it can be resold at a much higher rates! >:3

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