Sam Simons (WIP)

(Description by Kito)

{Sam Simons, the younger brother of Noel, is one of the countless modular humans in the year 2201}. His parents wanted to raise a modular human themselves, so they quickly decided to get the S.T.A.R.S.-injection shortly after Sammys mother was pregnant with him.

Besides being limbless, the S.T.A.R.S. injection also prepared the boys to become a highly efficient A-Drone, as long as they were not one of the “Ordinaries”. “Ordinaries” are boys, not being part of the 50% of born human males, destined to become a drone in one of the system-plants after their 12th birthday.

Therefore, the limbless boys needed special care after entering puberty between their 11th and 12th birthday since their testicles were starting to produce high amounts of fluid. A further side-effect of their limbless condition and the high amounts of fluid their testicles produced was permanent arousal, keeping their members in a semi-aroused state as well. Usually, each boy reached sexual maturity shortly after their 11th birthday due to genetical alterations throughout the hundreds of years of further evolution. Since the limbless boys would need to ejaculate several times throughout the day, releasing abundant amounts of sweet-tasting fluid, medical experts have been suggesting the individuals born with the limbless syndrome to take contortion and yoga exercises before their 11th birthday, focusing on techniques to engage in autofellatio and eventually being able to relieve themselves while enjoying the freedom to do it without any mess. The society accepted all the unique and new characteristics a limbless born boy would bring with him. One crucial and important change it brought to the society was to no longer think of male ejaculation as something to be embarrassed of. Much like eating, it was inappropriate in some situations and places, but it was considered to be a normal process of relieving the pressure building up inside the limbless' testicles. Most of the boys started to develop a deep passion for contortion, engaging in day-by-day exercising and even sharing their skills with the public in some cases. Numerous famous contortionists were limbless born, spreading the popularity of flexible bodies throughout the whole world.

Due to being semi-aroused all the time, most of the boys developed certain kinks and were acting in lewd ways, but never violating anyone else's freedom and never harming others at the same time. It was rather an inward-turned feeling, thinking about alternative ways to “extract” their fluid, developing fetishes for materials or clothing and contortion-related fetishes at young ages. Even wasping became a popular niche, some showing off their incredibly narrow waists, bound with belts, rings or corsets while masturbating, getting sucked off or ejaculating hands-free. In general, due the way limbless born were influencing the society, changes reflected in all parts of daily life. Lovers were taking the permanent arousal as a reason to engage in a new way of “kissing”, sucking their limbless partner off and helping them to get the release they needed. Just like casually kissing each other. Caretaker-bots were developed and sent out by the system to help the limbless in their everyday-life, being a trustworthy partner for all the modular humans. The caretaker-bots also ran regular health-related tests, extracting the fluid in a way one human would orally pleasure the other, analyzing it and sharing the result with their “owners” instantly.

Sam himself is a huge fan of skintight clothing, especially enjoying the NanoTex bodysuits which were – developed by the system as well – designed to match the special needs for the limbless born in regards of modular clothing.

NanoTex – the modular second skin

Since regular clothing was unsuitable for the limbless boys in many ways, the system released another sophisticated way to deal with the everyday-life of the “human S.T.A.R.S.”.

The NanoTex-S(pandex) and NanoTex-R(ubber) fabrics are nanoparticle-infused Spandex and Rubber fabrics, able to form seamless bonds with each other. This way it was very easy for the limbless to remain dressed, even after adding or removing some of the artificial limbs. The fabric felt much like regular rubber or spandex, either smooth and stretchy or a bit more textured and also stretchy. Besides being able to form seamless bonds, this material also adapts to the wearer's measurements, constricting around the whole body to form a tight but comfortable second skin.

NanoTex clothing is offering a base-suit without arms and legs, perfectly designed to wrap around the smooth skin over the areas where the arms and legs would start. The base-suit offers an invisible crotch-seam, enabling the wearer to quickly release any building up pressure without taking the suit off. There are numerous options to extend the base-suit with arm and leg covering, perfectly matching any artificial limbs and seamlessly bonding with the leg- and arm openings, due to the advanced nanobot/nanoparticle bonding mechanism. Besides short arm- and leg coverings, there are many different versions of accessories to form a bodysuit from head to toe. Here's a small list of the available designs for arm- and leg extensions for the base-suit.

- Leggings without socks
- Leggins with stirrups
- Leggins with attached, regular socks
- Leggins with attached, five-toe socks
- Arm-covers without gloves
- Arm-covers with straps
- Arm-covers with gloves
- Arm-covers with fingerless gloves

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