Sacred Dance

Wise men have a saying, "jump around or sit still, the Sun will shine regardless" but the tribe of the Sunny village doesn't agree at all. They believe the Sun should be praised in all ways possible, and the more you show your love the brighter it will shine. Probably the only people on the planet who worship it so much and maybe that's why the Sun is still shining upon us.

They've noticed since the ancient times that the Sun really loves round things, that's why they try to make everything very rounded: their houses, their streets, their furniture and even their own bodies! The most round parts of the body are considered its most beautiful features: the buttcheeks, the boobs, even the soles, the eyes and some more intimate parts like the testes XD And what's not round can be rounded up!
The most spectacular thing is probably this "sacred dance" where a properly trained youngster bends backwards til his body makes a round shape. Thus he becomes a "circle" and it's the main theme of this dance, all other postures being pretty much just variations of this backbend...

Whenever it's too cloudy and people need some more of the Sun, the dancer performs this dance and the Sun always comes from the clouds to take a peek at it. Of course, there are many ways to attract the Sun but here's one of them. So these people are in very good relations with their Sun and the weather in the Sunny village is always nice! :3

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To be fair, you did it perfectly. This is one of my favorite pictures of any type, of all time. I remember first seeing it and staring for quite a few minutes before realizing what I was doing. Read more
Wow, I'm very glad you enjoyed it so much! 😁 Read more
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