Rural Gymnastics

Talked to this random NPC boy in Old Gridania and he told me his dream is to become a rhythmic gymnast, so I bought him a hula hoop for Christmas, now considering buying him a leotard for the Valentine's day X3

What do you think? 😄
Did you ever buy this sexy babe a leotard? Read more
Not yet, he sure needs one 😉 Read more
I wish I could do arts like that. But I am happy that you bring these handsome fantasies to life!
It's also a beautiful outfit, the colors harmonize well. So nice that you gave him the hula hoop. He's very cute and innocent looking, but then... that slightly slipping gown down his shoulder adds a certain touch of elven sexiness.
Well. If I could do arts... I'd also consider gifting him some lewdtard. ;-) Read more
"Lewdtard" 🤣🤣🤣 That made my day!
Yeah elves are very lewd, sexiness is the most praised quality in their religion and they normally wouldn't wear this much, maybe he's from some more chilly place, though I don't think elves would live in places too cold to go around naked but perhaps he followed a lover to a colder region. But yeah some enchanted lewdtard could help him finally reveal more skin and stop this sinful criminal life of hiding his beautiful body 🤣 Read more
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