Rubber Ninja ㊙️

Uncatchable and unbreakable, Kagemaru walked the whole path from a homeless urchin to a high class teenage ninja.

After his parents were assaulted, he ended up in the street and survived under a bridge until one very fat boy talked to him and invited him to join his family.

"I'm starving and that boy is so fat, I must join that family immediately, they definitely have a lot of food," he thought. "Besides, he is incredibly kind, the first person who even noticed me!"

And so he was brought to the family that happened to be a family of martial artists who owned a whole camp.

The fat boy, whose name was Yoko, became his best friend. Kagemaru learned that his mass was required by his style of martial arts, sumo, and in fact Yoko was really strong.

Soon Kagemaru shared with his new friend the story of his parents and Yoko immediately retold it to his superiors, who quickly arranged a mission to avenge Kagemaru's parents.

By description they found those bandits who killed his parents and dealed with them accordingly. Now young Kagemaru was in great debt! Not only they gave him food and shelter but they even brought back the justice for him.

Despite the young age, he found the right words to state that his life now belonged entirely to the clan and he would serve the clan to the rest of his days in every way possible.

The superiors checked him out and found that he's small and skinny and might make a perfect spy. But because he was so young, it would take at least a decade before his first real mission.

A whole decade was a lot of time and it was decided that he could use that much training time to become something special. He was a supple child and could easily be trained to become extremely flexible and be able to do what others can't.

After some first lessons, Kagemaru was excited! His feet touched his head with ease and he even almost managed to get his head to touch his own butt!

He never tried stretching before but now it was like discovering his most favorite thing to do! He fell in love with stretching and started training all day, both on his own and with the help of his friend Yoko.

Of course there was pain but it was pain of pushing yourself real hard, not the pain of getting hurt. His body resisted, it was like a battle to tame it to become perfect.

After only a few weeks young Kagemaru learned to bend backwards so far that his head came through his own thighs, but he never wanted to stop. He kept pushing and pushing, and lucky Yoko wasn't exactly gentle, he enjoyed pushing Kage to the limit.

After a few years his body became so stretchy that it could bend like rubber. It was still some years before his supposed first mission but he was already allowed to wear a ninja outfit.

So far the only use for his inhuman flexibility was to entertain the superiors. He was loved but not spoiled, he treated his performances with all seriousness and every evening showed off his best.

Although he was always sure he was steadily growing into a fearsome ninja, he once overheard them calling him a "cutie" and that put a heavy blush on his cheeks.

Since then he doubled his efforts to make sure they take him seriously. Streams of sweat ran down his burning backbone at the end of each training session. His legs were ready to fall of from the extreme oversplits but he was only craving for more.

As a teenager he taught himself to pack inside a suitcase that didn't look big enough to contain even a small child. He was sure he would be called a real monster after such a fearsome act! But instead he heard someone whispering really quietly that it was "adorable".

Kagemaru decided to earn the title of a fearsome monster the hard way and learn to bend his knees backwards like a flamingo. There's no way anyone would find that "cute"!

Unfortunately that move seemed to contradict the very human anatomy and his kneecaps refused to cooperate. He did manage to somewhat curve his legs in a pretty impossible way... only to be called "elegant"!!

Kagemaru simply lost his mind trying to think of ways to gain the reputation as a fearsome warrior.

"Your body may be soft like rubber but your personality is really stiff," Yoko told him once. "If you want to be a good spy, you need to be more flexible."

"But Yoko, I am already..."

"Not just your body! Your mind! You need to liberate your spirit, explore your feminine side, use it to your advantage!"

Yoko was right. Kage tried for so many years to be manly and, now to think of it... it makes no sense for a spy to be manly in the first place! For years he trained to be strong when he was supposed to be deceptive! That's what the clan really wanted from him. The true flexibility!

Day by day, Kage started training his very spirit, trying to soften himself on the inside. He learned to walk on tiptoes and swing his butt until people couldn't take their eyes off him as he walked.

He learned some manners and softened his voice, only to discover it sounded a lot more natural than him trying to talk like a tough samurai kid.

He polished himself to such perfection that even his body responded by becoming even more flexible. He no longer needed to look manly as he stretched, he finally learned to go beyond that limitation.

Kagemaru smiled, he finally stepped on the right path in this life. The path of the rubber ninja.

I missed Kagemaru. His tight outfits are the best Thank you!! Glad he finally made it back, his outfits are only as tight as his bends 😝
La pose no se aprecia mucho por la posicion de la foto... Es cierto, pero ese es el mejor ángulo que pude encontrar... 🤔
Our Kage has grown up a lot! Well, still fits in a suitcase 😄
Wow increíble <3, me preguntó cómo sería un oversplit de kagemaru por yoko
Wow amazing <3, I wonder what would a kagemaru oversplit by yoko be like
Muy contento de que hayas disfrutado!
De hecho, esa imagen ya existe: My Friend Yoko 😁
Very glad you enjoyed! In fact, that image already exists
aaaaah!!!!! I missed Kagemaru!!!!! I'm so glad to know it! 😊
Nice Thanks! 😗
Yoko returns! I love these two! They're such a fun duo and I love their story. Thank you! Yes, it is good to see Yoko back! 😊
Once again, I can't tell if I like the picture or the story more. I'd say the picture because I doubt the story would be interesting if the picture doesn't load 😅
I am glad, that you are back! Glad you're back to the site as well 😊
This HOT boy! He's wearing this shiny stuff so well! These split-toe stockings are super hot, too! I'm so happy you enjoyed it! Yup, a rubber suit for a rubber boy! Also wow, glad you noticed the split toe 😊
I love the contrast between Yoko and Kage! Yoko looks wonderfully squishy and soft... Kage could sink right into him. Would love to see more of them. You make the best boys and girls and everything in between, I love it so much. I was following you for years on dA starting from 2009 or so, marvelling at your rendering and anatomy skills, lost track for some years and last year discovered you have your own webpage, I was checking some time ago and couldn't reach it and got anxious that something had happened! I'm happy to see it's back and better than ever, the comment section is lovely and I enjoy reading the comments on pieces new and old when going back to look at them. Some people's comments on here really enhance the works even more! And that you reply so much is awesome. I just want to take the moment to say thank you for your presence on the internet, you are a big inspiration to me - doing what you love, making art of what you love, for so many years and staying true to yourself. And your webpage is even better, because it's a space for lovers of your universe to come together to enjoy it, without outsiders going "that's weird!". It inspires me to make what I enjoy the most and to keep going with what I'm doing. I have a fantasy universe I've been playing with since 2015 and it's fun, crazy and sexy like yours. :D For a long time I struggled with it being not "serious enough" because while I love worldbuilding and making things up they all lead to sexy things, but then I realized this year, that's totally okay! I have a race of bendy feminine alien boys that perform and dance for the deity they worship, with the temple boys being especially dedicated to their art, and just yesterday I did my first bendy artwork of them... I was so happy drawing it and proud of myself because the anatomy was challenging but I finished it...! That's why I wanted to come on here and share the joy. I want to make lots more bendy artworks with cute boys in the future and learn how to get better at it. This is my little tribute. I hope comments like this help you feel fueled in your art. Please keep on doing what you are doing, I hope it never stops being fun for you too! - Ciyu I guess Yoko will win any pillow fight! I'm very happy that you like my boys and girls and, most importantly, everything in between!

And about the site, it's true that the new version of the website is amazing, mostly thanks to its visitors. I didn't expect so many people would support the site and I also agree that the comments enhance the works a lot. Since contortion, femboys, etc, are "special interests", it's always exciting to read what other people think about them. It's like other people talking about your favorite food. Anyway, it's an amazing community here, I wasn't even aware of that until November 2020, when I added the comment box.

Yeah, you just do what you enjoy the most, I think everybody would agree with that. It's unfortunate you didn't put any links to the art you've mentioned, must look good from the sound of it 😄
Thanks for the reply, Yuni! I didn't know if links are allowed on the site to avoid spam but if you want to see it you can find my art here: 😙 Theres still a lot of mistakes which I didn't catch until it was too late but it was super fun to make either way. - Ciyu Oh wow, your style is so soft that works really well with bendy characters! The outfits make me want to put a lot more work into designing some good outfits too, usually I'm very lazy but those details look so great! It was definitely worth the time. Thanks for sharing!! 😘
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