🖤 Rub My Belly

It's been a while but Vince and Noah are back!!

A lot of thanks to Schuschinus for the inspiration! 😛

Vince is all the way from the caliphate of California where he graduated the Elementary School of Oriental Make-up and Practical Bellydancing. He's always had a strong belly fetish and a lot of confidence.

Noah's been studying synchronized swimming in the streets of Venice, the world's biggest underwater city. His wardrobe consists entirely of one-piece swimsuits.

But the interest to learn contortion made their fates cross as they entered the University of Advanced Contortion and became roommates! 👨‍🎓

What do you think? 😄
Haha, meow or woof? Read more
Splurt! 🤣 Read more
And that's not all he wants rubbed ! Lovely pet💕 Read more
Got love them both (and their wardrobe choices)!!!! Read more
Thank you so much!!
Guess if they combined their outfits, could help to fully cover one of them... but as they say sharing is caring! :D Read more
Lovely couple! Noah's swimsuit is great but I can't take my eyes off VIncent's tight leather or is it latex suit. Lovely abs and chest for everyone to see. I believe Noah keeps some warm oil with them to gloss up Vince to keep his tight tummy and chest the focus of everyone's attention he is a good boy after all.
I wonder Yuni with Vincent's super sexy outfit are the top and bottom connected at the back or is it a two piece? Read more
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