Rouge Poster

A poster for Rouge and his band L'étrange Mélange for their forthcoming live show :3

Just in case you forgot or maybe never heard of it, L'étrange Mélange (formerly known as The Strangemix) is Rouge's (whose real name is Eric) musical band where he works as both synth player and crowd entertainer XD Rouge (whose real name is Eric, but known better as Rouge ^^) was a circus boy trained by his mom a lot while he was still a little blonde kid.

When he was about 15 he joined a breakdance group and found out that music was his second life and he just couldn't stop listening to various electronic stuff :3

In his 17 Rouge and two of his friends founded the band L'étrange Mélange which has become quite a hit thanks both to the hypnotic melodies and Rouge's inimitable performances on the stage.

Rouge also has a close friend (from childhood) whose name is Sebastien and he's a magician, but it's another story :D

So now it's time for a bigger show which will also get broadcasted on TV, so a lot more people will get to see the coolness that is Rouge XD

Please excuse the boring story, I had to do really a lot at work today, so I'm a little tired ^^

Big thanks to Truhania for helping me with French!! ^__^ and for suggesting a good slogan for the performance: au delà des rêves – "beyond dreams", Rouge loves that! <3

What do you think? 😄
ooh, the poster's awesome :3 Read more
Depends on where you hang it, I'm afraid drivers could get confused and lose control XD Read more
ahh <3______<3
your gallery is love, and I appologize for spamming your
inbox, but they're all too georgious <3
all your men are sooo yummy!!! Read more
Noooo... I was so happy to receive them cuz it's not that I draw something super popular, so every comment is very, very valuable <3 Thank you so much for them all <3 Read more
If I saw this down the street I would definitely go the live show. =3 Rouge is quite handsome. :D I love his freckles. Read more
Most definately >.<! If he was about to put up a show in real life I'd insta-buy a hundred, no! a thousand tickets! :3
Thank you so much sweetie, I'm really glad that you liked Rouge~ ^__^ Read more
This is a really good color pallet.
I like his toes and socks. Read more
Thank you! ^_^ Read more
You are amazing with anatomy! Even if the character is bending in an extreme pose, it still looks anatomically correct. Read more
Yay! Thank you ^-^ Read more
the fleur di lis is an awesome touch. Read more
Glad you liked it ^_^ Read more
can i swap bodies with him too ^^; Read more
Its unbelievably convincing. I mean... I could totally see this actually really being a poster for a very real performance. Keep it up and people might start looking around for where they can see the show *eheheheh* Read more
Hahah, that's just like Sherlock Holmes, people keep sending real letters to his fictional address :D Read more
gosh. omg he is just gorgeous. <3 i keep saying that, but i can't think of anything else to say. all of your art is stunning. :D Read more
Aww, thank you so much! So glad you like him ^-^ Read more
He's sexy! And so is the way he is bending (that shows manbulge)! Read more
Thank you... *slight blush* Read more
This is wonderfully beautiful, firstly the character himself has a sweet boyish charm, and his very well built body sure helps with adding to how "mesmerizing" he seems, but the best part is the pose and the seeming ease with which he executes it, the pose both emphasizing his beautiful body and anatomy and also mesmerizing the viewer, one would definitively take a quick glance and then be reeled in by the uniqueness and dreamy type of beauty in this poster if it were actually hung somewhere.

On a more simpler note, I love your drawing style and how you outline anatomy through such unorthodox poses, it makes me envious enough to start practicing towards that myself, I think you've truly done a awesome job! Read more
You're very kind ^^ I think the modern society wouldn't be able to swallow such a poster, the majority of the brainwashed members of our society would simply choke on it, but in a different world with more open minded people I indeed can see how this poster would be appreciated ^^

Well I never wanted to be an artist, I always loved contortion since 5 years old but it's not my goal to be known as "an artist who draws unusual poses", I don't draw these poses to impress someone, I simply find flexible poses beautiful to look at and happy that the human body is capable of it. Read more
Ooh, baby. <3 Read more
Read more
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