Rouge in Spandex II

Сontortionists sure can stand on their own heads XD
A little sequel to:

For a long time Rouge did only have spandex shorts but one day when he went shopping with his mom, in one of the shops they found a really neat red bikesuit made of spandex! Rouge immediately grabbed it and couldn't wait to get back home to try it.

Being an experienced contortionist herself in the past (see the picture), his mom expressed her concern about this suit's reliability. She said she ripped several leotards like that, trying to do her best, and warned her son he shouldn't attempt to do his best moves right away while wearing this suit as the cloth might tear apart. So instead he should stretch this suit little by little, day by day, until the suit also becomes as stretchy as himself.

After a couple of weeks of "training" the bikesuit, it could already bear some of Rouge's more advanced stretches like the oversplit. Though it still wasn't ready for Rouge's full 360° oversplit. But so far none of his shorts were capable of bearing that much tension anyway, there were no shorts yet manufactured in the world that wouldn't tear apart when he stretched to his best ability, so he didn't cry that much over it.

In the meanwhile his mom made little holes on the sides of the suit to make it even prettier. So after a few weeks the suit was finally ready for real performances and Rouge couldn't wait to appear in front of the public in this brand new outfit.

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