🪔 Room of Wonders

"Oh whoa, I haven't even started smoking but I think I'm already high!"

"Oh no, I was just limbering up for the exotic dance you ordered with your hookah!"

So I really needed another picture of this guy, Seducer by Ehliasys.

© Kharis belongs to Ehliasys

What do you think? 😄
He's probably looking over there (at me) and just said: "Come over here stupid, I have laid myself out for you to have easy access." Haha
Very nice color scheme overall, kinda exotic eastern perhaps.
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I wouldn't be surprised if his client says "forget about the dance and the hookah, I can see a much better pipe!" 😝 Read more
Очень миленький получился! Думаю что они улетят после кальяна...)
It turned out very nice! I think they will fly away after the hookah...) Read more
Спасибо! Я думаю, они превратятся из змей в драконов... 🤭
Thanks! I think they will upgrade themselves from snakes to dragons... Read more
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