The Best Backbender in Oriental WIP

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Emaryl is a teacher of contortion from Oriental, the elven country where the art of contortion is just as common as singing and dancing. He has trained many great contortionists: the legendary Aaulin and his brother Aorev, the twins Sylas and Sayalin, Alwin and many others... ;3

But among them there was this boy whom Emaryl will never forget. The boy loved to do backbends and it was like breathing for him, he enjoyed bending backwards ever since he was a little baby, and did it all the time. Seeing how much he enjoys it, his parents took him to Emaryl and the teacher was amazed at this boy's potential and immediately took him under his wing. The boy, in turn, was very excited to be stretched by Emaryl's skillful hands that somehow found the way to bend him much further than he was used to.

Year after year, the boy's body was getting taller and the longer his torso became the more extreme backbends he could do. Every time after Emaryl managed to stretch him further than before, the boy's face was delighted and his eyes were shining with excitement, as if saying "oh my, I can't believe what I just did!" Emaryl really liked to see this expression on his face because afterwards the boy would always hug him very tight, sometimes he even cried after doing a very extreme backbend, and not at all of pain but of true happiness.

One day Emaryl managed to stretch him into a position that he always dreamed of, but none of his students could do it. Even Aaulin, his best pupil, tried it many times but kept saying that it was anatomically impossible to do. But Emaryl didn't give up and one day this pose was finally achieved the first time in the history! This elven boy became the best backbender in Oriental, but not the best contortionist because Aaulin still couldn't be beaten at oversplits, twists and frontbends.

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