Rise and Shine!

Yes, wake up you lazy bum, it's time to wake up and do the morning stretches, wash your face, eat breakfast and go to the circus school!! ^.^

Anyway, this is a completely random thing I made today out of the blue, I don't know who the characters are and what they're up to, in fact I just wanted to draw some acro in pyjamas for completely no reason at all XD

Actually I was kinda annoyed with all the many many characters and stories I've made, so I was like: ah! screw 'em all, I'mma try being an actual artist and draw a picture that doesn't need like 10 pages of explanations to go with it and can speak for itself XDDD

When I write stories I usually try to ask myself questions that viewers might have while looking at the picture and then I try to explain why it is so and so... But I thought maybe it's sometimes also good to leave the questions hanging ^^

So no story for this one but I hope you can still enjoy it! ^-^ <3

What do you think? 😄
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