Rilly Stretchy

Rilly is a boy who entered a circus school a few years ago with the intention to become a contortionist. He's very kind and a sweetie, but a little bit lightheaded too and has a lot of silly dreams.

He's also insensitive to pain, probably due to some kind of a disorder he got after falling off a table when he was a baby. Which also explains his silliness. Either way, he could contort since he was a child, even though he didn't know it was an art form. But he was too clumsy and would often get his body damaged without even realizing it. Like, his parents would often find him sleeping in really twisted poses that looked unhealthy but at the same time he wouldn't wake up because he couldn't feel the pain in the first place.

So his parents decided that the circus school would be the best place for him as it would teach him to control his body better, so he'd learn to be a contortionist to avoid overstretching his body by accident. This way he could sleep in his usual abnormal poses but without hurting himself.

In his dreams Rilly often gains unnatural flexibility and he loves telling his dad and mom and everyone in his school what kind of things he could do last night while dreaming. Sadly, in reality he's not that flexible :3 But his trainer says he's still the best contortionist he's seen in his life anyway! No wonder, since Rilly can't feel the pain it allows his trainer to push him much more than other pupils in the contortion class, so sometimes sweating is the only way to tell where to stop :7

So last night in his dream he finally did "The Swan", the posture where not only he takes the knees all the way behind which is already impossible for the human body, but also raises them above the floor/mat, sort of resembling the wings of a swan about to fly off a lake's surface.

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