🌷 RG School - Francine 3

As a boy, Frankie liked to repeat that pink is the stupidest color in the world and the butt is the stupidest part of the body. How much did he change after entering the Rhythmic Gymnastics School where him and other boys were trained for hours a day not only to bend their bodies but to fully emulate girls.

It only took a while for Francine (former Frankie) to discover her eternal devotion to the color pink and her absolute love for butts, the most beautiful part of the body. Needless to say Francine was the first of the (now) girls to demand an extra high cut leotard that reveals as much as possible of her best bodypart.

"Wouldn't be too surprised if Francine never gets married because she seems already married to her own butt."
"Yes, they always sleep together like a couple."
"With the exercises she's doing, she's not far from kissing her own butt, too!"
"Yeah, it's not too difficult to imagine her doing that."

Yes, the most memorable thing about Francine is probably her exercises. Only one good thing remained from Francine's past boyish self and it's the habit to always try being not like anybody else... As a boy it was mostly misbehaving but as a girl emulator it flourished into real creativity, even her teachers would let her exercise freestyle instead of forcing to do traditional stretches, just to see her come up with yet another innovative stretch that nobody had thought of.

You can ready the full story about the RG School by Curious4ever here:
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That's confusing! :D Read more
Just oversplits with a twist 😉 Read more
this is truly amazing. i had to look a few times to fully understand whats going on Read more
Thank you so much! 😊 Read more
Ooouhyeah! I hope we get to see trying her kissing her own butt! Although I wouldn't know how to name that pose? Darn hot! Read more
Very glad you enjoyed it! 😊 Read more
How do you come up with these stunning poses!? Unbelievable. She's starting to become one of my favorite characters of yours!
--Alldenspa Read more
Thank you so much! I'm very glad you liked! 😊 Read more
amazing 😍 Read more
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Great again, the fabric is handled perfectly! Read more
So glad you liked! 😊 Read more
What add to other comments? Only that this is ultimate pink fetishist dream if there is a such thing. And absence of background is no problem at all!

Pose seems very original, not sure you ever shown quite the same ever before.

If "he" was real I would be probably intimidated by his obvious strength and longest legs. Which is strange as he should be extra feminine according to story. But maybe he would be glad for some massage and them his muscless would feel soo good... .

As always details (cloth underneath legs) are adding pink cherry on the top of everything.

ps: That test yesterday was kinda unsetling as two centuries till Yunia commes true is beyond long O_O
Shifty Read more
Oh yeah, never tried but guess that's what it's like to look through pink glasses.

The pose seems entirely doable in real life, probably at some point someone will repeat it and call it by their own fancy name like they did with the "Ruppel" backbend in 2009 when I already had a picture of it in 2006 😛 Read more
But I thought pink is the manliest color! Read more
🤣 Read more
Great job little to much pink for me other then that great job with the detail an lighting. Read more
Thank you so much! 😊 Read more
I bet that is happening all the time :-( even with famous inventions, you are told Mr. X invented phone etc, but when you digg deeper you find out someone else invented it years before but never got famous or law protection and nobody even knows about him these days. Like everyone today thinks leaders of big IT corporations are "geniuses" but in fact, they usually had only passing interest in it but were masters of "using" real geeks to do work for them, which they then sold and preteded its their work.

And with ideas it is even worse, you do say some interesting idea maybe even on internet, but someone else use it put it in book and suddenly he is famous Mr. bigbrain...
But nobody can change order of events how they really were and how they changed world "butterfly effect" no matter what they do... so there is some comfort in that.

Hmm what about adding one more tag "new bend" or something like it, to highlight unique non common contortions you invented?

And most important, do try to create some fancy names it tends to stick and surprisingly is most of the time credited to real inventor much more than actual idea... . Strange I know.

Hmm sorry if I talked too offtopic.
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I don't know many IT leaders but Linus Torvalds definitely can be called a genius and he's one of a few people who was interested in doing something good instead of becoming a yet another bank hacker. The rest of them are just big names and no substance.

It's true some people really enjoy stealing my pictures or using my ideas. I don't really care, I just hope when I make a new pic, that for 99 grabbers there will be one good person who comments...

Good idea about fancy names, how about to call this bend a Frankie... At least the other boys in his school could call this one a frankie after they see it and want to do it too.
"Hey can you hold my leg for a sec, I want to try pulling a frankie..."
"Wow really? Think you good enough for it?"
"You don't know if you don't try!" Read more
I was speaking more about like S. Jobs or Zuckerberg.
Torvalds seems ok.

"Frankie's twister!" :-)) funny scene about them trying hit.... :-) Read more
The Church of St. Jobs... Read more
Amazing arts!!! Read more
😁😁💖 Terrific!

Perfect position for loving... Read more
Fabulous image and story! LOVE Frankie's transformation -- and his newfound joy in revealing his pretty butt and legs in a high-cut pink leotard. Love his hair too! Read more
And I'm pretty sure that Francine would prefer to forget as much as possible what her life was like before coming to the school. She feels like a new person and it shows in so many ways. She's not as shy about her body and she welcomes any opportunity to show it off, along with her bending skills, which she works on as much as she is able. Read more
Yeah I guess there are always people who complain a lot about things getting worse, and people who really enjoy the transformation and benefit a lot from the changes... On the other hand, when someone becomes really good at something, they tend to lose real friends and people start just using them like a trump card. Read more
I'd kill to get her number! <3 <3
Did you ever think of rendering your pictures in 3D? I mean stereoscopic? I think that this would be awesome... Read more
Thank you so much! Yeah I can see how it would help this picture because the volume is quite difficult to read here ^^; Read more
Adorable,sexy feet Read more
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