Ready for Christmas! (WIP)

"Hi hi! Samwich's here again! Another vlog, me and Nine are in the market right now, totally getting ready for Christmas annnd I immediately have to try everything out in the shop before buying it...

So far I bought this Santa-hat and stockings and some nipple pasties and been walking around the shop just like that! Suddenly, what do you know? One of you guys, a fan and an actual subscriber of my channel, suddenly confronts me and compliments me all over, saying he recognized me right away and I look even sexier in real life!!

He happened to work in the shop selling yoga mats, so he made a totally custom one for me while I was asked to strike a pose! That was so much fun!! And then he wanted a hologram of me standing on that mat he just designed, isn't that cool??

So we made a little quick deal, I let him set that holoframe in front of his shop to attract more clients while he gave me the yoga mat totally for free!! :3 Felt like a first Christmas gift and it's still three weeks before Christmas!!

Of course I got my copy of the hologram so, guys, feel free to download it if you want to put a little Sam-ta under your Christmas tree!

Anyway, gonna see what else is around, maybe hit that sex toy shop over there... Bye for now and make sure to subscribe and check out my other holograms! Stay folded, guys! Samwich out!! <3"

This is a collab with TK who drew this adorable pixel art of Christmassy Sam and then I tried to make an HD version of it, so here it is!! :3

What do you think? 😄
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