Ready for Battle

The world's Male Rhythmic Gymnastics tournament is around the corner!

Andrzej is ready for battle :D

What do you think? 😄
Both shall bend, one shall fold. ;) Read more
So they'll have to split 😆 Read more
He's Enchanting 💕 Read more
Love him. Is the Daz model you use for his base for sale somewhere? I'd love to buy it! Read more
I miss this version of him. He has a peak Karen Duffy meets Cindy Crawford thing that he pulls off expertly. And that little overbite peeking through the slightly puckered lips... That's an instant make-you-cum-on-the-spot pose and you're the only one who can pull off drawing it. I can see him doing the next step where his lips twitch into a little more a pucker before he breaks out in a smile...

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