Quadruple Training (WIP)

After months and months of difficult training, the red-haired elf Romir finally accomplished the impossible Quadruple Fold! The contortion pose that only two other elves could do in the whole world made him the best backbender of the Oriental village.

But after the mysterious disappearance of those other two elves who could also do the Quadruple Fold, for many years Romir remained as the only elf who could do it, with the feet pressing completely to his head at least...

Romir spent entire days with his trainer Emaryl to make sure to not lose the only Quadruple Fold left in the entire world. But Romir was growing up and it took more and more to keep being able to stretch that far.

Romir started seriously worrying that the unique hyperflexible pose would soon become just a fancy contortion legend and join one of those fictional poses that only fairytale characters can do.

...Until one day he was visited by a complete stranger, dressed in a very unusual but very interesting attire, nothing like the shorts or baggy pants that the Oriental elves wear, instead the stranger's legs were completely revealed, and even more than that to say the least, the stranger's legs were cut so high from the dress that everything up to the very top of the hipbone was completely exposed, yet at the very same time the dress did go under the stranger's crotch and wrapped it very nicely out of sight.

Judging by the crotch that was very much emphasized by this dress design, the person was a boy, an elf boy and of the nicest shape. After introducing himself as Lucien, he was immediately welcomed to feel at home in the Oriental village and had no objections about sharing some refreshing drinks and fruits with the villagers.

During this little party Lucien revealed that he's searching for the only remaining elf who can still do the Quadruple Fold and asked if the elves could point him in the direction of the village where he can find that special elf who can do it.

"No need to search any further," the trainer Emaryl exclaimed. "It's my pupil Romir who is the last one who can do that pose and we both welcome you to join our everyday training if you want to see the Quadruple Fold with your own eyes!"

Emaryl jumped a little when Lucien explained that he's not interested merely to look at it, as much as learn how to do it himself. Lucien explained that he's the best contortionist across many different villages and none of their local trainers could teach him anything new.

But he got to know that in a village far in the east there's one single elf who accomplished the legendary Quadruple Fold, and since then Lucien set his goal to find that very village and that elf.

The Oriental elves immediately shouted that Lucien must demonstrate his contortion skills, as everybody in the Oriental village was a very passionate lover of contortion.

When Lucien agreed, everybody gasped at the beauty of the complex positions he could do and even more so at his foreign dress that emphasized the beauty of his legs so much, making the impressive things he could do with his legs even more awe-inspiring!

The moment Lucien was done, Romir immediately jumped on the table to demonstrate the Quadruple Fold to the wondrous bendy elf. And it was Lucien's turn to drop his jaw when Romir's legs twisted all the way around and pressed against the back of his own head from the most amazing, impossible angle!

And so the training began on the very same day. All the Oriental elves kept helping Lucien to achieve the legendary contortion pose as much as they could, specially Romir who was very happy about Lucien's week-to-week progress.

After about a year Lucien's chest could go so far through his own legs and his knees could slide so far behind him on the ground that he was almost ready for the final step of learning the Quadruple Fold, that is to bend his knees and bring his feet all the way to the back of his head...

This is a gift to my two friends Aldric Cheylan and Curious4ever whose characters both can do the quadruple fold, so I thought why not make up a story about how they learned it from each other! XD

Romir / Oriental village belong to Aldric ©
Lucien / Double Trouble belong to Curious4ever ©

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Took me a while to notice the paint on the fingernails... ;-)
They look like they're going to have a good stretch and flex training. Not overdoing things, still relaxed and joyful, but also being serious in effort. Read more
Yup, the red-haired elf is the best backbender of his tribe, usually he's the one getting stretched all the time, maybe he's just happy to enjoy some contortion from the trainer's perspective.
"The sight of his stretched body from this angle is incredible... Now, after all these years I can see why my trainer Emaryl is always blushing so hard!" Read more
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