Aww, it's been a year that I had this exotic broad-shouldered slim-waisted Naga in my mind, and I wanted to draw him, and there he's finally done :D

The columns of light behind him are the Rainbow Pillars that are supposed to be the "outer eyes" of the temple and they let know about the intruders (the temple people are kinda all paranoid like that... guess what kind of important manuscripts they could be hiding O.o).

On Pythonos' neck one could see -if they ever dared to get close enough- the seashell with the peyote potion which can make him invincible in the battle (Berserker mode of sorts X3).

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What do you think? 😄
Woah! That's amazing! All my naga art up to now has been put to shame!
Thank you for the compliment! *hug*
I'm sure your naga art is alright!
Youre so talented, I love your art so much.
I'm so happy to know you liked it *bow* <3
WOW! He's really ripped! XD
*knows someone like that, but fully human*
He's cute! <3 Love the hair!! the detail is very true! Like the skin and the scales of his lower half. Very nice serpant-man! ((I'm not really sure if this kind of creature has a name or anything but I've seen lots of these and I've taken a liking to them!))

Great job!! I love it so much!
Heh, you know someone who looks like him? :o But he's so totally stylized... maybe the features...I dunno XD But his face was drawn from scratch, of course (not that it's super detailed anyway, haha!)
So glad you liked his hair and scales too <3

Oh b.t.w., I think the creature is called Naga. Of course. But if you go to India and show them this picture and say it's a naga they'd think you're really strange LOL! Because the original naga is only supposed to have the human head, not the body. But everyone calls this "naga" on the net. There's also such thing as Lamia in the Ancient Greek mythology (?) but they're all female. I don't know what to call the male lamia... maybe lamier... or lamer ^^; *faint*
LoL, lamer...that's funny ^^; but Naga sounds like a pretty name! yeah, I think it's just his face XD his expression maybe. But he acts very flamboyant and he's gay. He'll also be coming with me to NY. anywho... : D
The coloring and textures are absolutely incredible. Your talent never ceases to intrigue and amaze me. Love everything about this pic.
Thank you so much for the compliment ^^
I just adore the textures you give to skin and I lovelovelove the little detail of the veins in his arm. ^_^ This makes me want to make a few naga characters of my own...
Hehe, thank you so much *hug* I always add a -little- bit of veins to muscley characters, it makes them look muscular instead of fat XD
Mmhm. Agreed. It's generally hard to pull off muscular bodies for just that reason, but that makes all the difference. =)
MMMMEEEEOOOOWWWWW!!! I love the do amazing work
Thank you so much *hug*
ooo this is such a nice work o art! i'm lovin it! great job !!
So happy you liked this picture as well <3
Great piece!! <3 I especially like the texture of the shine on his body and his right arm, it's so realistic! "or stupid like all soldiers" LOL. I'm kinda curious, at what size of canvas did you colour him?
Thank you, I'm so glad you like him <3 Well, he was colored in Photoshop... at what size? Let me see. 900x1200 pixels O.o
I remember this! I still love it. <3 He's a mighty fine naga. :3 If he ever passed by my way, I would be both very excited yet scared. XD
Thank you so much <3 I'm happy you liked him <3 If he passed by my way I'd probably run away! LOL! Too scared of nagas, though they're ok on pictures, but in real life? OMG! XD
Damn. I am outright drooling now. Yummy ... colouring?! *^o^* Yes, yes, colouring, let's call it this way ... lmao
I'm glad you like his yummy...coloring :D <3
Fantastic work on those muscles!
So glad you like 'em! <3
hey, there it is. My absolute favourite from yuni. I drooled back then and I drool now.
Please draw more like this one... But, I know... It's not your style. But anyway...
very beautiful!
^^; Not my style? How come, I've been wanting to draw him for more than a year, it's just harder cuz I'm not a muscle-expert. But I'm absolutely definitely going to draw Pythonos again <3 I even know now what kind of temple he could be protecting, so all the different characters of mine actually seem like they could be gathered in one place :D Thank you so much for your compliment, definitely will draw him again :3 <3
I thik you draw these muscles very well. They do not seem to be overdone, they are aesthetic. I love the arms, both of them. Shame the forearm was covered by this bracer, but it makes it richer.
The abdominals seem a bit wrong, but if you are searching for a way to connect the snakey lower body, I think it's not bad (I love well done abdominal muscles, so I'm picky about that one). You connected the snake body very well to the torso, it isn't too long or too thin. That is especially well done since this man is very muscular and this should continue in his lower body, too. His right hand seems to break the weapon a bit, maybe the back fingers are bent a bit too much. It would be great to open the fingers a bit and maybe let the shaft of the weapon shine throu between them. But on the other hand, it would give the impression of holding it smooth and soft. The grip being hard and almost like crunching it adds to the face and the impression of this hard warrior - totally going against your picture 'Battlenaga' (not yet online when this comment was written) where you show a soft side of another muscular naga (a more soft and smooth one). So if figures.
LOL! They might seem wrong only for the fact that I rarely feel like using any serious references, if any... though strangely, I've seen quite a lot of abs and his abs don't seem that wrong to me, though they're of course very stylized... Oh, and thank you for reminding me of the "Battlenaga" pic, I'll upload it in a bit then. But there's a huge difference: "Battlenaga" is mostly about realistic proportions, while this one, "Pythonos", is more about that idea I had about drawing a broad-shouldered naga with a slim waist, this idea was kinda haunting me for a year until I drew this pic. So even if it's a little unrealistic, it still comforms to my idea very well...slim waist, broad shoulders! I've never seen nagas like this but I always craved to see one so I had to draw one ^^
Yes, I like him that way, too. It figures. His broad shoulders are not out of place. On the contrary! The snakey part of the body must be incredibly strong and more or less is one enormous muscle. So drawing him too slim in the upper body does mess up his proportions - that is only my oprinion, since these creatures are purely fictious (shame, really! *beg him to enter my reality*
I love the scales texture and the shading and the belt and cloth and god does he have a horse wang or something? He looks fekk awesome though. I love the transition from scales to skin and the hair is also really awesome looking
LOL! Glad you loved his scales, it kinda saves me that the picture is cropped XD I had the first version of this piccy a year ago and the hair looked a bit crappier, I've just retouched it to make it look so much softer :3 Hee~ so glad you liked it all, thank you so much!
Whoa : D

Nioce waist~
Oooohh, this is good :D
lmfao. very cool...
Really nicely done all around - drawing, colors, and details are all excellent.
Just Amazing!!
This is the firts Naga ever that I see that I would take home!!! :D
Those features are so exotic. What inspired you to create such a brilliant naga?
I just wanted to see a bodybuilder type of naga, couldn't find anything like that in other people's work, so tried to make my own ^^

I'm in love with your gallery, dang you're talented! :-)
Very beautiful.
very very lovly:)
This piece is beautiful!
Have a good day ~