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Prometheus v2

It's been probably 2-3 years I wanted to draw Prometheus but I'm happy I waited.

It was originally a gory illustration but I decided to make a nicer version to make it more family safe. The story is identical in both version. And here's the nice version just in case:


Prometheus was a young god who was the first to bring the flame of homosexuality to mortal men. Until then, only gods could be lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex or questioning.

In his youth, Prometheus was a boyfriend of Zeus himself and their moans could be heard from the Mount Olympus. Many mortal men would get excited but not knowing what to do with it next. They weren't even 'questioning' since back then that was also a privilege of the gods. They simply suffered in ways least explainable...

Prometheus saw the situation from his mountain and felt responsible for the confusion and frustration of so many, so he secretly went to them in the shape of a mortal youth, picked some men that didn't look way too scary, lifted the back of his short tunic and taught them how it's all done, the god-like way.

When Zeus figured it out, he was so enraged that his bf cheated on him with the mortals that he punished Prometheus by chaining him to a rock and making a harpy take care of him.

Harpies are well known as the world's worst sadists, this particular harpy happened to be a huge belly fetishist and went all over the young god's waist, tummy and navel, doing whatever he wanted to the poor deity in distress.

Punching and trampling, pins and needles, belts and corsets: his torturer would come very day since then, until the sea around them was filled with sweat, blood and semen, for Prometheus's body would fully regenerate in the absence of the harpy--as he was an immortal god--making him whole again, and again...

After a while, Prometheus got used to it and learned to take a strange pleasure from the merciless torment of his own deathless flesh, and the harpy started to go a little softer on him and even started rewarding him from time to time for behaving nicely.

As it often happens, Prometheus started falling in love with his own tormentor but then the story suddenly ended as the hero Heracles came around, humiliated the harpy, totally owned him and made him his slaveboy, since he had a big thing for them anthropomorphic creatures, ever since his days in the Augean stables.

Thus, the mortals repayed Prometheus by freeing him from the torment and so he returned to his ex. By then Zeus sort of forgave him and Prometheus himself learned the lesson, so they went back together and cocksucked happily ever after.

Since Prometheus seemed kinda sad, Zeus decided to cheer him up and told him to ask for whatever he wanted. "Can you," Prometheus leaned against his lover. "Can you punch me in the stomach, dear?" Saying it, Prometheus immediately blushed real hard. Zeus raised a brow. That was the least expected!

Hope you like! :3 You can also find this work here:


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