Prince of Folds

Yasha had Siberian health and Chinese freedom in the joints. As a child, he easily slid in the splits, pulled his head back to his butt, and his forehead to the stomach. Over the past decades, people have become accustomed to such children who bent and stretched on family photos, teenagers who entertained the Internet with funny vlogs and challenges, and adults stretching seductively on aerial hoops at nightclubs.

But the ambitious couple who took Yasha for upbringing, saw in him, first and foremost, a future model, a burning hot young man from the covers of magazines, in an elegant evening dress with a slit right up to the buttocks. Yasha was put on high heels, dressed like an angel, taken to fashionable exhibitions, dazzling with their magnificence. He only pulled his guardians by the sleeve, asking if they would soon go home, and when he returned home, he immediately ran to his room, to his favorite hoops and bars, and a soft bed on which he could stretch so sweetly.

Only once Yasha did not want to go back home at all, and even made a scene when the adults headed for the exit before they barely looked at half of the halls. It was the museum of erotic marble in St. Moscowburg – a temporary exhibition from Greece dedicated to the plasticity of the male body. Naked muscled gods and youthful deities merged in the ecstasy of extreme stretching, polished to a lovely sheen and decorated with marble fruits and snakes.

Yasha shot each sculpture, like, twenty times from the different angles, and in the end he became so bold that he unbuckled his long skirt, leaving it on the bench and remaining in a mere leotard, and started making selfies, trying to imitate the marble statues. If not for the birthday of their dear little angel, his guardians would have never stayed in the museum for the whole five hours! For Yasha, the same time flew by so unnoticed that he wanted to cry, stomping his bare foot on the red carpet, when the loud speakers suddenly announced that the museum was about to close.

But only at a summer camp did Yasha get stretched for real for the first time. It was an ordinary resort near the Black Sea, in which Yasha was splashing, trying to understand, whether the water is an advantage or a handicap for his hobby. In the water, there was absolutely no possibility to take at least some kind of a flexible posture without choking, but after swimming, on the shore, his spine seemed to acquire a couple of extra discs and it was possible to bend so much that his own guardians wouldn't recognize him.

Soon he noticed something so familiar and intimate at the far end of the beach. Having run up, he admired a group of children who spread yoga mats on a smooth stone slab. They passionately stretched their spines and legs, and among them walked a young woman who assisted them so masterfully it was truly breathtaking.

Yasha ran up to them and, not knowing what to say, just walked on his hands along the edge of the slab, and finally got his booty down onto his own shoulder blades, popping out his adorable head between his own slender legs. The children applauded, and the young woman smiled and beckoned him with her finger. Yasha could already do a lot of things and constantly invented new exercises for himself, but he had never been stretched so firmly and skillfully like that evening. Neither had he ever been praised so much for his talent.

Her name was Marina, she was a rhythmic gymnastics instructor. Since then, they met every evening, and sometimes they even took a boat to the rocks, which had many cozy corners where they could practice completely naked. She told him about her childhood, how they stretched her at the circus, how famous politicians came to enjoy her performances, and then invited her to private parties, where she coiled and twisted herself to the audial syrup of oriental music, devoured by the eyes of those she had only seen in the news before.

Since then, she hasn't lost much of it and even showed him some tricks that took Yasha months to reproduce. He fell deeply in love with her and suffered greatly, anticipating the oncoming autumn and separation, when he would have to return to the capital, go to school, wear long dresses and jewelry, learn to wiggle his ass and look gorgeous at all times.

But soon Yasha learned that Marina also had a child. The complete opposite of him! Kesha was her New Year present, long-haired, incredibly cute, thin, not very tall, just a doll! But he didn't like gymnastics at all, although he was chosen mainly for his stats, and specifically for advanced flexibility, and the gift-givers solemnly wished Marina to bring up the best gymnast in Siberia.

In fact, Kesha was just barely dragging his feet through the ballet classes, his head was too full up with stockings, lingerie and the fashion business, and his ass with the members of the local beau monde. He spent very little time with Marina, and after barely half an hour of evening exercises, he would curse his tired muscles and go to bed. Marina just shrugged her shoulders, went to her room, put on her glasses and entered his room through the virtual world under the nickname RedQueen83, trying to channel his secret nightly webcam shows toward stretching and leaving generous tips for the lazy splits and knots, trying to ignite his interest at least somehow.

Yasha was very surprised and immediately told his lover about the passions of their own guardians and his difficult fate. A month later, they officially exchanged custody documents with Marina, Yasha moved to live with her and changed his last name to Lebedev (which means "swan"), while Kesha moved to his former guardians, to the great joy of both parties.

Soon, Yasha got a permanent job at the capital's biggest circus, as well as the favor of prominent members of the Communist Party, for he personified the anthem of Siberia itself:

"United forever in the bodies so limber,
Our flexible joints will ever endure!"

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