🥣 Prince of Beggars

(Self-photography by Martin Ribbons. 2201.)

What do you think? 😄

who could have their feelings hurt by this beauty? Read more
I'm very glad you liked him! 😊 Read more
BEAUTIFUL! Read more
Thank you! 😊 Read more
179 years from now, Martin's photos will "Featured" on Deviant Art more times than any other male model. 😉 Read more
Funny he was supposed to be a photographer of nude girls 😅 Read more
Very nice and more Martin in any format is always welcome... Read more
😊 Read more
God fucking damn it... This is going to sound weird, but it reminds me of Vermeer.
-tbj Read more
Had to look it up... His famous painting is actually very popular with AI-users, but I haven't used any kind of painter names in this work myself... Read more
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