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A yummy kind of bread that is best eaten with Coffee or tea, it can be sweet or salty and both versions taste great.

Pretzel is actually the final form of this substance, but it has another form prior to baking. In that original form, known as dough, it can be twisted and stretched in almost every way imaginable! It can be a lot of fun making all kinds of shapes with it, but to become Pretzel it normally has to be put in a very specific pose, with the two "legs" of the Pretzel curled onto each other and intertwined.

Well, there isn't much else to say about this very yummy food, so let's talk about that elf sitting on top of it! This is a brand new species of elves, called Pretzelves, who have incredible dough-like flexibility since their birth, although exposure to the sun makes their bodies more and more stiff over time, at the same time making their skin darker.

The lighter the skin, the more flexible they are. Some Pretzelves intentionally keep away from the sun to preserve their pliancy and make a living as contortionists. Pretzelves are one of the bendiest forms of elves, perhaps losing only to Caramelves in their stretchiness. Pretzelves also have very long ears and very long... other parts of the body XD And no, they're not edible, unless figuratively.

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