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Position of Opposition

"Since your rebirth I am always with you,
Deep in your mind, creative, protective.
And never forget it...
I was and I am in your thoughts and your breath,
I dwell in your dreams,
I am your life and your death,
I stay with you every day, every night,
You hear my whispers, I am your guide.
So never again say my name aloud,
Protect what you've got
And keep it away from the crowd."

A very beautiful and powerful anthem from Polish metal band VADER.

Bare and glorious, he made himself comfortable, sitting with his legs crossed on a cloud of warm air in front of God's silent eye and made the prayer gesture, pressing his hands together in front of his chest.
After a time of sitting in front of God's eye which was adoring his beautiful body, he suddenly let his feet rise from cross legged position and effortlessly go behind his own back, completely without the help of his hands.

His feet went far behind his back and all the way down to his waist's level. The God's eye widened at this new shape. Pleased with the reaction, he let the air turn him around like a turntable, and then pressed his feet together behind his back, repeating the prayer gesture with his feet his time.

After a while he let the air turn him upside down and his legs straighten, then his spine began to bend backwards displaying unnatural flexibility, until it folded so much that his butt pressed as firmly as it was possible against his upper back and his thighs lay on top of his own shoulders.

He once again pressed his feet together, as well as his hands, this time being able to face God while doing so from this position.

"IT'S A SIN!!!"

Suddenly the voice roared and echoed across all heaven. Archangel Gabriel descended, his face reddened by anger or maybe something else. The God's eye blinked and closed, whereas Gabriel stood in front of the flexible one with frustration on his face.

"The body was given as an instrument for the soul, not for this foul mockery of its natural limitations!"

"But Gabriel," he once again sat cross-legged upon his cloud. "I think it's beautiful and shows much more devotion than the simple prayer pose," he spoke with a great pride in his voice. "I calculated that even humans should be able to learn these postures if they start from an early age, and this is how us angels could tell with much more clarity that a person is truly devoted to God. Think of it, Gabby. No more need for holy wars, self-laceration, castration, all these horrid things that the fanatics do to show their devotion. Instead, everybody will be doing all kinds of beautiful..."

"Silence!" Gabriel's face almost turned green. "The body is a creation of God and it's against all fundamentals to force it into these unnatural positions. It's a sin and I can't believe that my fellow archangel I trusted so much had fallen so low! Not to mention this frivolous speech about the sacred traditions of self-laceration and other things."

"But..." the eyebrows of the flexible one squeezed. He was often told by his assistant angels that it looks a bit wrong what he was learning to do. "I'm afraid God will not like it, my love..." His cute beloved used to tell him almost every time he assisted him with the stretches. "But why?" he would raise his brow, unable to understand why working out his body for muscles was alright but adding some flexibility skills to it was not. "I don't know, this just... feels wrong somehow..." His lover blushed while holding his body in an extreme stretch. "I think it's beautiful and it took me years to perfect. I don't believe He wouldn't enjoy this sheer perfection of the body He created..."
Gabriel stood there for a while, making up his mind, watching the accused one's eyes move randomly in confusion, apparently him being unable to grasp the idea of having done something sinful. Gabriel was trying hard to associate unnatural positions with any of the seven deadly sins, but nothing useful was coming on his mind. "It's a sin anyway," he repeated. "And for this sin, thou shall be... exiled from heaven!"
A great silence burdened the air. The flexible angle just couldn't believe what he had just heard. His facial expression quickly changed from friendly to nearly heart-broken after such a short but hurtful phrase.

"Furthermore, to make you understand what you've committed, your body shall be transformed in unnatural ways to make you never forget what you've done. Since you wanted to teach these things to humans, you must have a great sympathy for them, so your angelic genitalia will be replaced with the human one, thus you shall not be able to make love with an angel anymore. And since you seem to enjoy the great discomfort of these crooked poses, you shall be given the horns of an animal to live with discomfort at all times. And finally, you will be sent to the land of no clouds and you will have to sleep on rocks and see what it's like. Now go away!"

He felt so offended that Gabriel instantly died as a leader and respectable archangel in his eyes. But the offense was too much to oppose his ex-leader right away.

"Alright. I will go away. But first I will make an oath. I swear to make the best possible use of your horrible gifts and in the end find a way to use them all against you. I'll make love to a thousand human wives who will give me ten thousand children and it will be just the beginning of my own dominion."

"One day," he continued. "I will gather an army enormous enough to beat you and my many sons will sodomize all the pretty angels in heaven if they couldn't make love with them the normal angelic way anymore. One day I will make you regret these words and beg for mercy at my feet. That will be pressed together behind my back."

He smirked, getting into a dangerous mood. "And then you will be forced to kiss my bendy ass. That will be sitting like a crown upon my own head. And then I will order my hundred thousand grandsons to fold their backs in half at once and watch your eyes explode at the sheer sight of so much bendiness. Hell yeah..."

"You are... You've been a demon all along! Begone, devil!!"

"You are nothing but a piece of holy shit, Archangel. I used to like you for so many thousand years but now I realize you're nothing but a princess sitting in a cloud castle with her own idea of what she considers as good or bad. I don't remember God giving you or whoever else here any power over others. The story is that one day you just came to power, just because you kept on and on telling other angels what to do, what's a sin and what's not a sin. And that's all. In essence you're just a saint-wannabe holy shit of an angel!"

Gabriel didn't reply but took out his giant shining sword. But God's eye opened once again and the dark haired beauty instantly vanished from heaven.

He found himself sitting on a black rock with all the promised curses on his body. The hard rock felt really uncomfortable. He tried to breathe out some air to make a cloud but it was quite heavy and didn't let him float much.

After studying his large and seemingly very uncomfortable animal horns, he looked at his crotch from where a set of male human genitalia was sticking out. "I need to learn how to use all this. It looks kind of too big, I wonder if it would fit into my human wives. Which reminds me, I also need to find a way to the mortal realm from here... But first, I so feel like stretching for an hour or two..."

He gathered all his breath to make a large enough air cloud to levitate upon. As usual, he started by pushing his feet far behind his back but something made him cringe.

"Ouch! So he also made it feel a bit more painful, huh?.. But nothing I can't learn to enjoy over time..." He managed to push one of his feet all the way down behind his waist, but the second foot disobeyed his best efforts, reminding him of his very first days of stretching. "Don't tell me I'll have to relearn everything from scratch... What a torment. But that's also quite nostalgic, so nothing I cannot enjoy," he giggled to himself.

"Unknowingly," he suddenly spoke after an hour of meditation, his eyes staring into the empty space in front of him. "He gave me a great idea. I will teach my sons to be proud of being able to tolerate pain. They will then teach their own sons, my grandsons, to take pain as a pleasure. The third generation will then be immune to pain and there will be nothing they wouldn't dare to try. And as the time passes, the sixth generation will crave for nothing but pain and they will be the great and fearsome ones who will conquer heaven for me."

"You wanted an evil guy, Archangel?" he went on with his cursing. "Just you wait and you'll get one. But now I really need to learn all about this new set of human genitalia because I swear one day I will make them work against you and your beaten up muscled ass. You've basically chosen this size for yourself, Archangel. I am proud of the dimensions of this elephant trunk of a horse cock because to me all those animals put together symbolize the sheer amount of your future misery and disgrace. Hell yeah... Now, how do I make it point upward?"

He strained his crotch's muscles to the max. "Argh! Why doesn't it work? Does this thing have a mind of its own or what? It doesn't feel to be connected to the rest of the muscles... So weird. Alright, I'll figure it out later, for now I need to look around and see if I can find any obsidian in some cave here to make a portal... I guess before looking for wives I'll need to find some human male to show me how things work, so I don't embarrass myself with my first human woman. Good plan. Oh but first I need to find the ingredients for a potion to temporarily hide these horns. So much work, so much work..."

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