🧸 Martin

"A Portrait of a Young Man Looking Down Somewhat"
(By anonymous stableboy. Oail on canvais. 1869.)

What do you think? 😄
Now this guy looks like Martin's cousin not him but that doesn't substract nothing from his beauty :) Read more
Looks like Martin to me, but painted by another artist :P Well, every picture of Martin looks different anyway. Read more
If you were going to do an all-out serious non-sexy and reverent AI angel, this is the model to use! Read more
Oh, he looked sexy to me but guess I'm imagining too much 😂 Read more
It's that face. <3 It's so innocent. He looks a modern version of this guy...
commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Archangel_Gabriel_from_the_Annunciation.jpg Read more
Martin is beautiful like an olympic god! 😍 Read more
Absolutely stunning!
/<o> Read more
😁 Read more
Yeah, your idea is way better. Now get to it... Haha
-tbj Read more
The minotaur lesson taught me it's not worth the hassle 😅 Read more
Read more
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