💪 Danny

"A Portrait of a Young Man with Big Muscles"
(By anonymous stableboy. Oail on canvais. 1869.)

What do you think? 😄
Woaha it is s quite close! as everything except maybe left face goes! O_O wow that some serrious progress.
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Thanks! My first idea was to add portraits to the character pages on this site, but in the process I realized I don't like these portraits. But it was an interesting deviation to use the characters in a new way, so I thought why not finish at least the 8 members of the big family of Martin&Sons, as always wanted to see them together ^^

I think in the scope of Martin's family portraits those are not too bad, it's an interesting style like commissioning some other artist to paint them... but didn't want to use them on the site as "official" portraits of the characters :d Read more
Danny would dominate the male model industry! Read more
Yeah, if he ever starts working more, we barely see any pictures of him 😂 Read more
He kinda looks like young Danzig... Keep going...
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Had to google young Danzig... Never seen that person before, was just trying to get close to this pic of Danny :P Read more
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