🍗 Brian

"A Portrait of a Young Man with Very Big Muscles"
(By anonymous stableboy. Oail on canvais. 1869.)

What do you think? 😄
How handsome and buff <3 I love him

Daria <3 Read more
Thanks 😊 Read more
Wow, Conan barbarian is the girl)) Arny, is it you?)) Read more
He is Brian, not Conan... and not even Conan o'Brien 😂 Read more
If it's Conan, then a full-body shot will show his "Riddle Of Steel". :D :D The AI should have fun with that since Conan's leather "pouch" was always ridiculously huge. Read more
It would be cool to see more work with him, he's such a mig sexy muscular guy, I bet he must be very resistant to various hard kinky things like fat sounding or playing with electroshocks, needles Read more
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