🤝 Pirate and Beggar

8. Kazoku's Performance

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Art and description by Agu-Fungus:

I finally get back to Yuni's duo of beggar and circus boy, and this time I decided to focus on their daily performances by themselves on the weekdays.

As you may have seen previously, Kaz's main focus on his training is backbending, while Mick wants to focus on frontbending. Both train on both areas of contortionism the same, but it's pretty evident in which areas both boys want to excel the most; In Kazoku's case, he knows that he is able to achieve better backbends than he currently able to do, while Mickey, already able to perform the DeMarlo knot, wants to go beyond it and wants to see how further down his legs can go.

While Kaz is already a contortion professional at his young age, Mickey is already seeing progress in his aim to catch up to the circus boy he looks up to as his master, not only in skill, but also physically thanks to several months of training. Also, looks like Mick has taken a preference to take off his vest when training and performing for his frontbend poses, as it makes it easier for him to push his legs down his bare back.

Let's hope for both boys to reach their ultimate contortion goals, and one day be able to live the better lives they deserve.

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