🤝 Pirate and Beggar

5. Duo Performance

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Art and description by Agu-Fungus:

Several weeks have passed since Mickey has started training together with Kazoku to become a contortionist, and thanks to the beggar boy's determination, he started to show great progress: He has already achieved the splits, as well as showing great progress in the frontbending department. He has considered continuing with his frontbending training to see how far he can go, while also considering achieving the needlescales sometime later.

This was also the time they decided to finally perform together, and together, they agreed to make their performance this Sunday at the local pier, which is by the beach where Mickey met Kazoku.

Until then, they were only performing for money separately on the streets while lying or sitting on the concrete floor. Kazoku was more experienced with contortion, while Mickey was still being trained, so he kept on practicing even while sitting on the streets asking for handouts, practicing his splits and trying to push his legs behind his back by himself.

Mickey was a bit nervous; this was the first time he performed together with the contortionist he has always admired, but he was also eager because said performance was also with said contortionist.

When they were finally at the pier, they prayed together, and then followed with an encouragement speech, all while grabbing their hands together. It was finally time. They started performing together with everything they knew until now. They have practiced their duo routine for days, and it was finally time to put their skills to the test.

Both boys were gracefully showing their amazing flexibility talents: Mickey's beautiful splits, both sitting and standing, which were made more beautiful thanks to his handsome bare feet; as well as his newly earned frontbending talents, from bending himself forward with his torso past the legs while standing, to pushing his legs behind his back and below his armpits.

Kazoku was also pretty good with his splits, and at backbends he was a total pro, from bending himself backward with his head peeking between his legs, to combining splits and backbends together, both standing and lying on the wooden floor; and since he was more physically fit than Mickey, he was able to perform said poses even while in handstands, just like in his pirate acts back in the circus.

But the best part was saved for last, when Mickey performed a lotus position, a pose that is well known in yoga, while his hands were together in a prayer pose, while sitting above Kazoku, who performed the combination of a cheststand and a headsit, all while his legs were crossed in a lotus position as well.

Kazoku was more physically fit than Mickey at that time, so he was able to stand his friend's weight for a good time. Then it was time to switch places for the final act, this time with Kazoku on top performing a handstand split with his back arched backward, with his hands standing on Mickey's elbows, who was this time performing with both legs behind his back and below the armpits, while lying his chest on the floor.

Because Mickey wasn't as fit as his superior Kazoku just yet, he could only hold his friend's weight for a few seconds, but it was more than enough for the passersby to admire the frontbender's amazing feat.

The performance was a success, and they earned a good amount of money as gratuity, more than they were able to earn by themselves on the weekdays, as well as a couple of water bottles to refresh themselves. Both boys were happy with their first successful performance that they couldn't help but hug themselves with happiness.

They took their break in the boat yard, where fishermen took their breaks after their morning of fishing, and was also near by the pier. The boys were also allowed there because the fishermen knew the boys were good people.

The boys sat at the table which was by the entrance and enjoyed their water bottles, while talking with each other about what an experience this was, and after they were done resting, they started counting their money.

At the insistence of Kazoku, who was raised to be a responsible person up until now, they agreed that even if the money that they currently have is more than they usually earned, they shouldn't spend it all just for the sake of spending, and instead they should spend it only on the things they really need. They agreed to spend today's money on their own lunch and save the rest for the next week, in case they don't earn enough to cover their daily necessities.

They walked back to the beach, where they enjoyed the rest of the day running by the shore, leaving prints in the wet sand with their shiny bare feet, and then swimming together in the sea, and with their clothes on, since they don't have any swimsuits, and Mickey could only take off his vest and hat to jump in; Kazoku had nothing to take off because pants is the only thing he wears.

After having their fun together, they bought their lunch as they agreed from a food stand, and then they walked back home under the bridge. It was already getting dark and the boys' clothes were still all wet. They bathed together at the river to get rid of the salt water, and then hung their clothes under the bridge while the boys were already lying under their blanket they called bed, getting ready to sleep for the next day, which is again time to get back to training.

It was already night, and Kazoku was still awake, and couldn't help but look at his friend Mickey, who was already asleep. The cute look of the beggar boy sleeping so happy gave Kazoku a smile on his face, and he wishes he could be awake all night just to look at his adorable face. He moved closer to his sleeping friend and wrapped his own arms around his friend's arm, carefully to not wake him up, while resting his head on Mickey's shoulder.

"Good night, Mick. We really did great today..." said Kazoku silently, before finally falling asleep.

Mickey opened his eyes shortly and saw his friend hugging his arm, and couldn't help but smile, as well.

"I'm so happy to have met you, Kaz," said Mickey, before finally falling asleep together.

Finally, a new continuation of the story of Yuni's beggar boy and circus pirate. I really like Yuni's idea of Mickey training to become a professional frontbender, while Kazoku continues with his backbend training. Who knows what new things they will achieve as they grow older if they continue with their training. Enjoy the drawing and the story, folks. Happy Memorial Day!

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