🤝 Pirate and Beggar

3. The Beggar Boy who Saved Me

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Art and description by Agu-Fungus:

It was another day for the young beggar boy, who was walking around the beach after a rough walk around the cement sidewalks of the streets. He always found walking by the shoreline relaxing, especially for his naked feet as they were bathed by the waters of the ocean that was in front of him.

He was still thinking about looking for a way to earn money to cover his daily necessities instead of looking for places to beg for food or spare change; then he thought again of the street performers. He really wished he could be talented at something to make a living out of it.

Just as he was about to sit on the sand, with his bare and now clean soles facing the sea, he noticed to his left another person lying face down on the shore, still wet by the ocean water that was coming and going. The beggar boy ran to the lying person, and noticed that it was a young athletic boy around his age, who was totally shirtless, and wearing a necklace around his neck.

Doing his best to help, he dragged him to safe land to see if he was still alive. After learning that his heart was still beating, he decided to give him mouth to mouth to revive the young man. After several tries, the rescued boy came to his senses and started to cough out water that he swallowed from the sea that dragged him.

"A-Are you OK?", asked the beggar boy who was relieved that the shirtless boy he just rescued was still alive. The rescued boy, who was still catching his breath after almost dying opened his eyes to see the young man who saved his life.

"Thank... Thank you...", answered the rescued boy, who was happy that a kind person was able to save his life.

"Can you get up?", the beggar boy asked. The rescued boy who just came to his senses tried to get up to his bare feet. He was a bit weak after the rough experience he just had, but he was able to stand up with his hands on his knees.

"I think it's best to sit down if you still need to recover", the beggar boy said.

"I guess you're right. Thanks." The rescued boy said, and sat down on the dry sand next to the beggar boy.

"What's your name?", asked the beggar boy.

"My name?", responded the rescued boy. "My name is Kazoku. I am a circus performer. Well I was...", he continued, as he looked at his pants, which no longer had the glitter that they originally had because of the violent currents that dragged him.

"Wait. Kazoku... Don't you mean Kaizoku? The young performer who posed in the most incredible flexible poses? What's the name for that...?", asked the beggar boy.

"A contortionist", responded the circus boy, "and yes, Kaizoku was my stage name, but how did you know about my act?"

"My father, may he rest in peace, took me to the circus several months ago, and I was really impressed by your incredible performance. I always thought that was the best act in the show, and I always wanted to see your act again, and but I never thought I'd meet the pirate boy in person", said the beggar boy as he anxiously grabbed Kazoku's hand in excitement, which caused the circus boy to blush as he looked at the beggar boy's face. The boy was so happy to meet in person the young performer he admired for a long time.

"Where's the rest of your family?", Kazoku asked.

"I no longer have a family. My father was all I had, but after he left this world, all I have to remember him by is this hat that I'm wearing that belonged to him. Now I live on the streets, trying to survive everyday", responded the beggar boy, as he placed his arms around his knees.

"On-On the streets?", repeated Kazoku. He just started to realize that he is now going to be in the same situation as the beggar boy, after everything that he's gone through up until this point.

"Wait, what happened to your circus, and how did you end up here?", asked the beggar boy.

"The circus shut down. Everybody was gone. The circus owner, who was like a father to me, took me to a crew of seamen so that they could take care of me, but they turned out to be actual pirates, so I escaped from their ship as they were going to attack another pirate ship. I thought I was going to die because of the violent currents, but here I am, thanks to this floater in hand... and thanks to you", Kazoku answered as he looked again at the boy's face. "But now I don't have a place to live, and I really don't know what to do", he continued as he is now starting to get sad at the situation.

The beggar boy was beginning to understand what the circus boy was feeling, because he is now living in the same situation he is in right now: Two young boys who had a happy life with their respective families, only to lose everything and now end up living without a home. Even though he is a boy in need, he really wanted to do something to help the circus boy he just saved who now needs as much help as he does. Then something came to his mind that could actually help them though this time of hardship.

"I think I have an idea", said the beggar boy. "You are a contortionist, right? And you make a living out of your circus performances, right?"

"Yes", answered the circus boy.

"Then here's what we can do: We could both become street performers. We could perform on the streets to earn good money that we can use to cover our daily necessities. We may be without a home right now, but if we work together, we may be able to get around this situation and survive the rough streets."

"That... That doesn't sound like a bad idea. I always loved performing at the circus, so I guess this could work too. But how are you going to perform on the streets? Do you have any talent?", asked Kazoku.

"About that, you could be my contortion trainer. You could train me to become a flexible guy like you are. Heck, we could even perform together if I get good enough. What do you think?" said the beggar boy.

Kazoku was thinking about this. The beggar boy just saved his life, and training him to become a contortionist is the best he could do as thanks for his great act of kindness, especially now that he needs as much help to survive the situation he is in right now.

"All right, I will do it. You saved my life, so this is the best I can do to help you. We can start tomorrow, if you don't mind", said Kazoku, as his stomach started to growl. He hasn't eaten since his escape from the modern pirates. "Looks like we are going to have a rough start..."

"Then it's decided. Come on, let me get you some rest while I find something to eat for both of us. I don't have money, but at least I know where to find restaurant leftovers. They won't be contaminated, so don't worry", said the beggar boy as he was taking Kazoku with his arm over the beggar shoulders back to the streets.

The circus boy was resting under the river bridge with the young beggar's old blanket covering him while his pants were hanging next to him to dry. The sun was setting, and the beggar boy returned with the leftover food he promised.

"Very lucky that they had leftovers again today, or else it another night of begging on the streets", said the beggar boy.

"Thanks!", said Kazoku. Before they started eating, he asked: "I almost forgot, what's you name?"

"Sorry, my bad. I was so excited from meeting you that I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Mickey. Nice to meet you." Both boys shook hands, and they started eating their evening meal, waiting for their big day of contortion training tomorrow.

Later, they spent the night sleeping under the bridge, but the beggar boy won't be sleeping alone, now that he has a new friend on his side.

Whew, that was a long story, but I was finally able to finish this new piece, this time with Yuni's beggar and circus boy crossing paths in this new story. Will Kazoku be able to get his circus life back? How good will Mickey be able to become as a contortionist? More will be coming soon. And yes, with actual contortion. 😉

What do you think? 😄
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