🔴 Pink Fold

Just another bend with the ball! 😏

What do you think? 😄
Esta pose es maravillosa
This pose is wonderful Read more
Llamémoslo Ruppelsplit 😆
Let's call it Ruppelsplit Read more
Mas dibujos del Ruppelsplit, lo mejor es que podria ser posible
More drawings of the Ruppelsplit, the best thing is that it could be possible Read more
Hay esperanza! 😊
There is hope! Read more
I was about to comment on coloring mastery of this great piece just when yuni.us/fold-the-white-rabbit
appeared. I think there is visible improvement... and still Pink fold is and always will be lovely. Yashas legs are so long, slim and bendy and look at his skill while he is balancing pinkiest ball in the universe :)
Shifty Read more
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