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Because of her ideal soft body, she has to work all night, every night, and can only take a rest from her clientele during the day.

There's no second thing in the world that has slept with more people than Pillow, probably the only people who had never experienced her softness are some ascetic monks and yogins who just so happen to favor beds of (s)nails...

Pillow is an easy woman, soft, sexy and snuggly. Well, to whom am I telling this, we all know her way too well, after all, not only she's the best and only partner of any lonely girl and even some lonely boys, but she never minded threesomes, or better say foursomes because it's rare that two people use only one Pillow... 9.9

In the past, Pillows used to be the privilege of the nobility and were generally extra soft and curvacious. Nowadays, Pillows have the tendency to get thinner, more toned, as well as learn the masseur's skills.

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