Pierre Blanchet (WIP)

"It's really thrilling to perform when the whole audience is sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the next twist," says Pierre Blanchet, the femboy contortionist from France.

His circus act "Pierrot" is about the classical scapegoat character who often gets punished for the things he didn't do. The punishment comes in the comical form of playful humiliations built around his extreme flexibility which is exploited by all other characters in mercilessly funny ways.

"We combine everything, the art of contortionists, comedy, mimes and illusionists, all to create a bizarre show at the edge of sanity!"

His hyperflexibility that makes the audience rub their eyes in disbelief, does not however surprise his colleagues who witnessed the boy's entire history over the last 18 years. Born to a circus family, he must have learned to do the splits sooner than he learned to walk!

The idea of Pierrot's outfit was born spontaneously when Pierre became so flexible that a lot of people complained it's getting painful to even watch.

"I wanted to get even more flexible but we needed to find a way to make it fun to watch. It doesn't actually hurt me at all, I'm feeling just great being stretched to the limit so my muscles relax and it feels stunning and I almost feel bodiless!"

So Pierrot was rescued by his colleague "Harlequin" who decided to humiliate him by taking the scissors and cutting the legs from poor Pierrot's costume, reducing it to a high-cut leotard and making Pierrot dance on the stage with his bare legs to earn his forgiveness.

"The audience was suprisingly positive and they even forgave me a few really extreme contortions that I decided to show off. I immediately went to the tailor and cut the legs from all of my Pierrot costumes for good!"

Pierre's instagram was swamped with comments about the new sexy looks but what's truly important is that it helped him to indulge in his love for contortion!

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