(nanobotexine hydrosyrupide)

Distributed by Body Whorror Pharmaceuticals

"Some days my job makes me feel like a human pin cushion... But then I remember I have a magical body! Oops, can we do this again? I'll skip to the second part, aha... But then I remember I'm on... Painproofen®! Erm. Did I say it right?"

Helen Wood, 18
freakshow artist

Medical description
An expensive, implant-free technology based on organic nanobots, usually used by highly valuable corporate personnel when working in dangerous conditions.

Usage and dosage
By daily absorption of nanobots that spread through the body, forming a network of neuron-linked intelligent protection. Usually a tea spoon per day is enough, keep in mind the shit's expensive, unless of course your daddy's a CEO and you can afford, like, a whole glass for breakfast.

Primary effects
The body no longer loses blood from wounds, the internal organs and joints become nearly indestructible, the skin becomes quite stretchy and the body can withstand traumatizing levels of deformation and use the DNA information to restore itself, including removal of scars and bruises. Exciting, innit? But wait, there's more!

Possible side effects
In extreme situations the brain receives signals of intense pleasure as additional protective measure. If injections are done continuously for more than 3-4 weeks, the user might start to exhibit sexual addiction to self-harm. Seriously, you wouldn't be able to tell anymore if your body is crying or cumming, so it's like, you've been warned and all.

Pregnancy notes
Painproofen® is incompatible with pregnancy, as it works based on the DNA, it will always restore the body to its original state, effectively cancelling pregnancy at any stage. Very useful for female undercover agents who penetrate an enemy base but get their own base penetrated in the end.

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