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Othello - Part 2

Ladies and gentlemaids, here be the 2nd part of the play of William, praise be on him, Shakespeare!

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Othello: Down, strumpet!

Desmond: Cinch me to-morrow: let me breathe to-night!

Othello: Nay, if you strive--

Desmond: But half an hour!

Othello: Being done, there is no pause.

Desmond: But just a short warm-up first!

Othello: 'Tis too late.

Desmond: Ah!... just how much strength...
Do you... have in those mighty arms of yours!

Othello: You'll see, 'ho, you'll learn way too soon!

Desmond: Oh poor lil' waist of mine! Do you intend
To shrink it to the chine bone...

Othello: Why, yes. If that would teach you
How to not give away my gifts.

Desmond: But that waistlet,
It looked so good on Cassio, it fit him better
But for me it was too small...

Othello: That's cuz you're a lazy bum
But I shall train you hard and then
You'll wear my gift,
I took it back from Cassio.

Desmond: Oh no! Did you hurt the boy?

Othello: How could I, he was way too sweet.
But I fear so, his bottom might now hurt a bit.

Desmond: Ow, you should've punish'd me instead,
Not poor lil' Cassio...

Othello: I'm up to it.

Desmond: Yes, I forgot. I'm taking too much pleasure
From this punishment.

Othello: My fault, I shall tug harder now.

Desmond: HELL YES!....
I mean to say... OH NOES!!

Othello: Can you still talk? And now?

Desmond: Ah... all... most... can't...
But... now I need to kiss... so badly...

Othello: You quickly learn.

Desmond: Your mastery is great...

(Making out passionately, while Othello fixes the silky ribbon for good around Desmond's waist with a few tight knots, then mercilessly pushes him down to bed, admiring the bare skin of Desmond's fully constricted waist, his lovely popping rib cage and tight, rounded up tummy...)

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