Oriental Fakir

A great fakir demonstrating a 360 degrees oversplit putting his feet in a "heel-lock" and smiling mischievously at the public as if there's just nothing easier for him to do :3

I'm reading a book on Yoga right now, and it's really interesting in a way it explains so many things about the body and it really gives you that pure, healthy feeling about it. The body is a temple of the soul and there's no better joy than trying to achieve the potential that God has put in it... And flexibility can most easily be the symbol of that potential. Becoming very flexible is a significant achievement, only possible with a calm spirit and strong will.

I think this is my all-time favorite drawing of yours. Love, love, love him. Oooh, really? I'm so happy you like him so much :D <3
at the risk of trivializing your beautiful description, nice ass. XD
That bend is quite odd. It's a split, but it resembles a frontbend. However, instead of pulling his spine forward in a human knot, he pulls his lower vertabrae forward but the rest of it back. I haven't seen a bend like this. I really like it.
Umm.. YES!!<3
I really love a lot that impressive and beautiful 360 degrees oversplit he's doing ! And these clothes... I can't help it. I love that style of clothe too much ! ^-^ Thank you so much! ^.^ Yup I love oriental clothes so much too, very glad you enjoyed this picture ^-^ <333
Gorgeous ! Exotic And EroticπŸ’•
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