Oriental Dream or 1001 Flaws

This is just something I didn't want to show at first cuz all the flaws are just embarassing, specially the perspective 'tmakes me feel dizzy XD;;; Anyway her left leg is supposed to lay somewhere on the floor behind her but the lame perspective kills it XD;;

I like parts of it but I don't like other parts...I thought I'd show it still cuz you know, I like it sorta, flaws always made me feel happier, especially broken sp... spaces, they're so surreal ^___^' If I was about to re-draw it, I think I wouldn't change anything 'cept maybe improve the carpet texture to make it not look like the carpet is upside down :3

And nah, I wasn't smoking kalyan while drawing this even if it might seem so XDDD;;

I promise I will work harder on the further pieces!

What do you think? 😄
Lovely . A perfect inmate for a Harem 💕 Read more
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