Oracle on a Pillow

Well, I swore I would draw him 'unfolded' once in a while, so this is just to prove he's not born in a triplefold, it's just that they, Oracles learn Yoga since the very birth cuz the mysterious states of mind and the feel of freedom that go with stretching help meditation over really difficult questions.

Oracles are known for not really going anywhere, yet knowing about everything in the world. How the hell is that possible without A LOT of Experience!? This is because through the very extreme asanas discovered in the most ancient times (that 'normal' modern people usually can't achieve no matter how they try), the oracles are able to connect the circulation of energy in their bodies right to the planetary energy bands, make the chemistry of their bodies alter after hours of meditation, so that then they are able to 'read' the invisible threads of energy containing all the information about this world. Then it's just the matter of converting it to the human language understandable by the seeker...


So yeah, since folding is kinda really trivial for him, I thought that he might really try to eat the fruits right from his own feet (no worries, they're as clean as his nose ^^)! LOL! Love weirdness. So yeah... no dishes for oracles! XD

What do you think? 😄
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