Octafold 🎱


Help the beggar boys to raise their skills for fame and πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’° and the possible position of the Royal Jester!

Use the CURSOR KEYS or SWIPE to slide in the four possible directions (β¬…β¬†β¬‡βž‘). During the slide, the same-level performers will merge together and level up! If it's impossible to slide in any direction anymore, that means you knotted up so hard it's time to call the ambulance πŸ˜›

Remember: The harder you push, the more you get paid. You get paid in copper, silver, gold! But can you get to the... πŸ’Ž?!

Art and code by Yuni
Inspired by the game "2048"

Es divertido, ya quiero ver cuΓ‘l es el mΓ‘ximo nivel :)
It's fun, I already want to see what the maximum level is :)
Es muy difΓ­cil pero buena suerte! πŸ˜£πŸ‘
It's very difficult but good luck!
Such a nice idea! Could play that for hours... unfortunately I got only up to one gold, so far... :/ :D I'm glad you enjoyed it! When i made it I couldn't even get to 1 gold at first πŸ˜‚
Very nice game, I got to 3 gold, but then I messed up. I'll try again soon. I want to know what the diamond character looks like. The trick is to try to get all high value boys into a corner. Good luck! I got to the diamond only once, it was late at night, still don't know how I got there πŸ˜… I only remember not being afraid to do some crazy moves 🀣
not bad Good! πŸ˜€
It is going too quickly. What are the rules ? Which position has the most points ? Some positions have been completely forgotten.
You press a cursor key, they slide in that direction, the same 2 figures merge into 1 better figure. The coins next to the figure shows how good it is. Nothing, then 1 copper coin, 2 copper, 3 copper, 1 silver, 2 silver, 3 silver, 1 gold, 2 gold, 3 gold, diamond! πŸ’Ž
Engancha, es muy adictivo
It hooks you, very addictive
Gracias! TambiΓ©n pasΓ© horas jugando πŸ˜‚
Thank you! I also spent hours playing
Really good idea!
This version motivates you much more than the classical game XD
Thanks! My thoughts exactly! πŸ˜€
I plan to add more features later, like 'Game Over' and Score.
2 gold and can't go farther😭. Yeah that's what I normally get to as well πŸ˜‚
this is like 2048 but BETTER Thanks! 😊 I had this idea 2 months ago that you can take 2048 and replace numbers with more and more difficult poses. Glad I finally stopped being lazy and finally made it into a game! 😌
Having had some experience with 2048, I managed to get to diamond on both the bendy base game and wasp expansion, and wow, I wasn't expecting that after seeing what I thought was peak flexibility and waspiness on triple gold. I guess we learned what's the ultimate goal of all that hard training 🀣
This is game is the best. I pass all night playing it. But this as far as I could reach, 3 golds.
And after several, really many several attempts I couldn't get diamond. I guess I'm not material for a Royal Jester.
Yeah, seems to be best played at night as I was able to reach the diamond only once so far and it was super late, I was half asleep in bed but somehow my fingers did the job!! 😜
(I could never get a second diamond either ever since...)
What is the hardest level you can get? 3 coppers coins, then 3 silver, then 3 gold then DIAMOND πŸ’Ž
I can not pass from 3 golds!!! I can't either, I only did it once 😌
Nice idea, I love it so much !
I managed to get 2 diamonds but unfortunately they didn't merge :(
Yeah, diamonds are the top... At some point you could actually merge them and get an invisible ghost but then I fixed it 🀣
I made it!!! I made it!!! I finally get the diamond. And I didn't expect that πŸ˜€. It's awesome!!! I guess I'm finally material to be the Royal Jester. Hey that sounds exactly like my story!! Got it once, could never get it again. Anyway, congrats, you definitely get the job ... if you still need it after owning a whole diamond πŸ˜…
Diamond in both versions!!! πŸ˜€ GG!!! πŸ˜„
I've always liked your games as it combines painting with computational art! Yup but I rarely manage to finish them. This one at least looks finished thanks to the very simple idea 😌
Love the gane, I ve spend at least 2 hours playing it, would like to see all the art works apart because i couldn t reach some I can post them separately but not sure if that would look like a "spoiler" πŸ€”
This game should come built-in with Windows 11 - Yunified OS. Yes, maybe one day it will be more popular than Minecraft! 😌🀞
Had a good thing going, but then I made a mistake and saw it but no going back. Clever little game. Simple rules, not so simple execution. I like. Yes, it's very simple but I can't really beat it myself, but seeing there are people who beat it consistently, there must be some tricks to playing it... The problem is they might be not easy to explain 🀯
This is so cute. It keeps me from being productive. Thank you so much! I was about to make a tetris next but afraid to undermine the world's economy πŸ˜‚
my record is two gold. this thing is hard! I usually try to not have higher value boys in the center but along one of the edges, sometimes think 2 or 3 moves ahead if there's a huge merging potential. And of course it often depends on luck because new boys always appear in random positions, so don't stress and just enjoy the game 😌
It's Teddybearjunction. I can't stop playing this. I finally got three diamonds and I'm trying to beat it. Glad to have you here! Also 3 diamonds?? How's that even possible, it's like 3 tiles on the board not only permanently unavailable but also constantly getting in the way of others!
Which makes me think, maybe in the next game update we should have the diamond boys moved to the bottom of the screen, outside the board, so they free up a tile and yet you can continue playing just to see how many diamonds you can get. I guess it could be like an "end game" part, because personally I can't get even 1 diamond 🀣
Awrsome work. I had to search for 2048 strategies to see them all. Ohh, that's what I need to do too! I've literally only ever seen the wasped diamond but not the bendy diamond... 😌
Sweet and hard at the same time πŸ˜‰
Is this game still able to be played? I tried playing it but once I click start new game it sits on a black screen. That's weird because it works just fine for me in any browser I have, including mobile phone, and I've also never been told about such an error before... πŸ˜₯
Update to my previous question about still able to be played. I think it might be on my computer's end. When I right click and click inspect on Chrome and go to console it says something about uncaught error and something about failed to load some map. That's normal about the map, the game doesn't need it to run. About the uncaught error, that's more unusual but I'm afraid I'd need the whole text of what it says... πŸ˜…
Okay is there some sort of website I should copy the text from the console into and then paste the link somewhere or post it here or what? Can just post here, I'll try to fix it... πŸ˜…
Okay. I love this game by the way. It is awesome. Here is the text from the Uncaught error.
Uncaught Error: WebGL unsupported in this browser, use "pixi.js-legacy" for fallback canvas2d support.
at Function.r.create (?20201104:88)
at mn (?20201104:88)
at new t (?20201104:88)
at Octafold.resize (?20201104:208)
at Octafold.init (?20201104:157)
at new Octafold (?20201104:248)
at startGame (?20201104:810)
at HTMLAnchorElement.onclick (?20201104:797)
Okay, I tried to fix it with the info I found on the web about this error. I hope that it works now πŸ˜…
Seems to have worked. Wish I could have been more help with figuring stuff out but I don't remember anything I learned when I took a web page design class in high school. No, that problem was too specific and you already helped to solve it by posting the log 😊
Also so far my highest has been two gold. Good, I'm glad the game works for you again 😊
this is super fun and addictive! thank you for doing it No prob! I usually never finish my games, glad at least something small worked out... 😌
at some point, could you do a drawing of all the poses lined up for those of us who are bad at the game? Okay, I've added it πŸ˜„
Yay, diamond in both versions. But only one each. The scenery around the field is also great. So much fun!
Congrats!! Also very glad you enjoyed the scenery, hopefully I'll be able to think of some new game in the future in a similar style...
And how is it even possible to get more than one diamond πŸ˜‚
I'm really digging this, most puzzle games make me bored after awhile but not this one! Its quite addicting and the art is super cute!!! Are you going to add to it?

PS. Happy Birthday Yuni!
Thank you so much!
Yeah, such games were called "addictive" before they started slapping "addictive" on every single game in the store -.-
Not sure what could be added to it ^^;
This is almost like "Boitris". Neat little puzzle game, excellent job! Boitris? I'll need to look it up. Very glad you enjoyed the game! :D
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