Nylon Ninja 🧅

After years and years Kagemaru got so flexible that now to make it more difficult has to challenge himself with many many layers of tight nylon, getting wrapped in it like an onion!

Now his body is not only rubber but also a... nylonion?

Well, that sure will make all his enemies cry. His body now, is a ... a true martial artwork! 🍤

Woww, maravilloso 😍😍😍 Hurra! 😄
He is a human nunchaku I'd love to see that in motion and marvel at his joints twisting like crazy but not breaking 🤣
Wow.. Looking this is the best way to start the day XD Thanks!! I guess doing this is a great way to wake up 🤣
That look. I love his eyes pointing at me. Even better with the mask 😊
now I am so happy I'm really happy that you liked it so much 😄
The shine on the suit is exquisite! Thank you so much! I was rather surprised I managed to pull something like that 😄
Extremely flexible drawn So glad you liked it! 😊
more,please Sure thing! Glad you liked 😊
How farther can he go if he was naked tho? Not sure he could go anywhere with his legs stretched over 360 degrees 🤣
That's got to be one hell of a shoulder exercise for Yoko, there. I wonder how long he can hold Kage up like that. Do you think he can spin Kage around in the air, keeping that position? Now to think of it, in the best case scenario Kage couldn't weigh less than a good barbell. Either Yoko is super strong or he is secretly a cyborg 🤣
Perfec mixture black nilon and sumotori skin... Thank you 😊
I just realized Yoko is on a full side split.

Is he flexible too?? If that's the case how flexible is he????
I once watched a documentary on the telly about sumo fighters where they proved that sumo is not all about fat, they're in fact strong and even flexible. One of them demonstrated the straddle split, so I guess several years later that inspired this picture.

But I think for Yoko flexibility would be very useful, he could be unbreakable in combat. From that documentary I got the impression they're required to work on backbends and splits at least 😉
I'm a fan of bodysuits... I would love to see more of your boys wearing them XD Yeah, me too 🥰
While it is hard to pick a favourite with anything as wonderful as this body of work, this is certainly one of my favourites! Bruno B. has a series with young man and Sumo. But his work does not always use color and does not capture this level of texture. Also his series is quite explicit. Sometimes it is even more evocative when some things are left to the imagination!
ThIs BlOwS mY MiNd!!! <3
💌 What do you think?

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