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Nude Yoga

"Is it recording?"

"Sure thing, sweetie."

"Oh my, I can't wait to watch!" Erika wiggled on the mat.

"We'll watch it right after we're done here," Mary stroked both of the girl's thighs gently, "Now would you please lean on your elbows and exhale, I wanna give you a little challenge."


"Erika, you feel so rubbery today... mind if I push your knees all the way to the floor?"


"Here... all the way down. How does it feel?"

"Like a dream."

"Hope not some sort of a nightmare for your spine?"

"Nah... although it feels really... stretchy."

"No wonder! You're curled up like a snail," Mary laughed.

"Mary?" Erika looked up and her silky hair laid softly on her own crotch.

"Yes?" the woman looked down in her pupil's beautiful green eyes.

Erika only moved her lips in silence: "I love you."

"I know, dear," Mary smiled. "But why... suddenly?"

"Because you made my dream come true... many of them, in fact."

"Oh dear... Contortion is really like oxygen for you, isn't it?.. Now I wonder what your next dream pose will be like..."

"Umm... actually... I have one in my bookmarks, but it looks really hard... It's also a drawing, not a real thing, but I so wish I could do that."

"Now I'm intrigued. I'd honestly look at the pose that you think is too hard for you."

"You'll see!"

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