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Noptra was created by Aldric and it's been a while I wanted to draw this alien so here he is and also in this illustration he is older, just because I felt like trying to draw an older Noptra as an experiment! ^o^

In a foreign part of the galaxy, called Orion, among many planets of different social functions, there was a small planet that was mostly used as a resort for Elit Orions. On this planet a young alien lived, who was very poor and didn't even have a name, but already worked as a masseur since he had not two but four arms, so his species was known for being able to give wonderful massages on the shoulders, spine, feet, breasts, syphills, and even more intimate body parts. The latter type of massage captured the attention of an Elit Orion, named Ikhal-Lak, who decided that he might use such skillful hands at home, and so he took the young masseur to his cruiser.

Ikhal-Lak decided to name this little alien Noptra, an anagram for Trapon, the four-armed alien's mother planet. Noptra was very happy to be taken care by this Elit Orion all of a sudden. He was now having a great and peaceful life because he only had to massage Ikhal-Lak and no longer had to deal with various weird alien species, sticky, stingy, coruttle and otherwise odd.

Noptra was so grateful that he decided to share with his savior some secret passions, in particular for the contortion art, and managed to greatly surprise the Elit Orion with the flexibility of his spinal column, limbs and breamlochs. So much, in fact, that Ikhal-Lak began to use Noptra more and more often as a sexual partner, which greatly pleased Noptra who always experienced a high degree of compatibility with Ikhal-Lak's body.

Specially when Ikhal-Lak's bumpler dictimped right into the freensuls of Noptra's scricter, his shrings fleemered so tourally that even his little corric pectiously procuted and reveloped through his unprode juregion. After the freyful mexing they'd often splung over, completely axolated and remacrissed, and these emannanations could specle for arills, as long as Ikhal-Lak's graterte palmennals kept scisfing inside Noptra's biopen unserus. And they could do it all fucking night!

Many years passed and Noptra matured a lot, his bridons hardened and his tropianic exters much elongated, but Ikhal-Lak never tried to replace him with someone younger. Even though his Elit status allowed him to choose any partner he ever wanted, he preferred to spend most of his time with his favorite partner, friend and life's companion. Noptra himself had polished his Lingam and Nuru techniques to perfection and became one of the greatest masseurs, though Ikhal-Lak was the only one who had the privilege to use his skills.

Hope you like! :3 You can also find this work here:


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