Noel's Cycling-Suit (WIP)

Noel in his cycling suit and some interesting facts about the technologies popular in 2201:

Waist Wasping Spray

Just what it says, can compress the waist better than any Victorian corset and without a single bruise on the skin! The waist compression is simply done by the skin itself. Doesn't reduce the skin's tactile senses, meanwhile including some light anesthetics for improved comfort as well as ingredients to enhance blood circulation and digestion. Can be washed off by regular hot water, e.g. just by taking a shower. Not affected by colder water, so can be used while swimming too. The best part: the same spray works on some fabrics too, so the suit can be kept skintight and wrinkle free on the wasped waist. Physiologically, the wasped waist has an empowering and uplifting effect on the wearer.

Three-Fingered Gloves

Wearing something so unusual can be quite exciting. Give all your friends a high-three!

String Free Underwear

Crucial for biking, greatly reduces the negative effects of the saddle. Uses NanoTex particles to glue to the skin, the same technology used to attach artificial limbs, so it's easy to slap it on as well as take it off.

Shape Shifting Boots

Just knee-high black rubber-socks when initially put on, at the request of the wearer can change into high heel boots, advanced cycling-shoes, pointe and many other presets. The nano-technology that resembles self-bloating balloons can keep a stable, solid shape while at the same time remaining soft and comfy to wear.

All in all, a whole lot of thought put into health and comfort here ;)

© Noel Simons belongs to Kito

This is an exciting outfit. Looks very interesting. If you spray the waist wasping spray on your whole body, you will propably look like Lichard.
Thank you so much! Yeah, I think so too.
💌 What do you think?

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