🌠 Noah's Ark

Noah is the sole member of the spaceship crew far away from Earth. His only companion is a biorobot who was designed to train contortionists and record the training process on camera. Suddenly the boy discovers a big collection of contortion training videos recorded by the robot long before Noah was even born...Reading Time: about 10-12 minutes

Noah was born in a spaceship far away from Earth. Born is not a proper term, he was cloned using alien technology and found himself in a company of a biorobot who was designed to train contortionists. The two were the sole intelligent creatures aside from the ship's mainframe.

Noah grew up as a smart boy whose body was as flexible as his mind thanks to daily training with Naamah and his natural curiosity. The fellow robot was also capable of recording his vision and Noah often loved to rewatch the moments of his training throughout his life and it gave him strange pleasure to watch how his flexible poses looked from another person's perspective.

Noah was in love with contortion and even as a young child he started creating his own exercises and techniques to get better at it. He always marvelled at the body he had, the unique and beautiful organism, amazing in so many ways, from looking beautiful to be able to bend in so many shapes, when all of a sudden his technical genius allowed him to restore some of the deleted clusters of data in Naamah's memory.

He discovered some of Naamah's earliest recordings, not from this spaceship but from some completely different place that reminded Noah roughly of the ship's greenhouse but incomparably bigger, in fact so big that it made Noah dizzy as his mind was ready to explode from the greatness of the captured sceneries. How big had to be the spaceship that contained a greenhouse where you couldn't even see the end of it!

This green place was literally filled with species exactly like Noah himself, as well as androids of all kinds. In the recordings Naamah trained some of the people who were just as flexible as Noah, but his vision captured other people who looked different, some of them doing things that would never cross Noah's mind, some were wearing something on their waists, making them as small as their necks, while some other people didn't even have arms and legs and used robotic suits to move round.

Noah was in awe of this place... Carefully rewatching Naamah's lost memories frame by frame he was able to reconstruct some aspects of that place's culture and history.

He discovered the place was not a spaceship but a planet that had all sorts of plants growing right on its surface! Its surface wasn't made just from rocks like most planets but was covered in all kinds of strange substances that allowed the plants to grow, which in turn made possible to live right on the planet without air generators as the planet generated its own air.

Noah's young mind couldn't even fully grasp all this, he felt as if he could study this planet to the rest of his life and still not get to the bottom of it. So he decided to leave the environment aside and focus on the people.

He found the society on that planet hadn't always been that great. At some point flexibility and other similar things were perceived as something negative by the majority of that world's population and 99.999% of people were absolutely inflexible, more than half of them couldn't even touch their toes. They had grotesque shapes, massive and obese, they had rough skin, hair growing right out of their faces and other unpleasant features, some people were very hard to look at, it was like a nightmare.

The forefathers of that species looked even more horrifying, they were crooked apes who couldn't even stand straight, let alone do anything flexible. They had fur all over their body. Noah started to understand why all this data was erased, he surely wished he could unsee it. That planet went through such hardships before it reached its normal, peaceful state...

Luckily, the majority of Naamah's recordings were from the more recent times and mostly had flexible people like Noah being trained by the robot.

Noah continued studying that planet, really enjoying the better part of the content. It gave him many ideas for his own training, he even wondered how tight he could fasten his belt and discovered that the pressure was giving him nice sensations on the abdomen and hips, the hard belt felt like an improvement to the body and since that day Noah started tight-belting his waist whenever he wasn't practicing contortion.

Some months passed and Noah already got to know all of Naamah's memories by heart, all the people in them seemed like his close friends, he knew everyone by name and rewatched his favorite moments of their training almost all the time, including their conversations with Naamah and each other. It was uplifting somehow to hear people talk and Noah kept forgetting they're just recordings.

One day he suddenly received a strange message from the ship's mainframe, signalling that they're "approaching the colony". The mainframe also unlocked some instructions for Noah, they stated that now that he was 18 years old he had to take full responsibility for "the mission". Him and Naamah would have to take care of dozens of other clones and raise them as new settlers on this colony they were approaching.

The mainframe explained that Noah was born 18 years before the arrival on purpose, so he could help with the mission in due time. Unfortunately the ship could not afford to feed more than one human over the period of 18 years due to the lack of resources, however, very shortly Noah would have a bigger company than he could imagine.

Noah was absolutely thrilled by the sudden news! Specially when the mainframe added one last touch to his body, the nanobot infusion that would keep his appearance the same to the end of his life, not only making him always look the same young but also making him pretty much immortal as long as he manages to avoid irreversible damage. The nanobots would detect and revert any slow processes such as illness or aging, heal wounds and even grow back limbs and organs as long as Noah manages to stay alive.

Meanwhile they approached the planet and Noah made his first steps in the new world. And so did the mainframe which had one more surprise for Noah, a secret chamber full of strange organic matter, which quickly grew into the planet's soil and apparently started growing underground.

The ship transformed itself into a large house and a group of big construction robots. Noah had no idea all these things were on board. The construction robots started working both on the surface and digging underground until they finished building a nice little village, as well as some strange underground facility.

The clones grew surprisingly quickly and soon the village was full of laughing and playing children. It was a huge step for Noah to go from knowing only Naamah to having such a large family, luckily all the kids were nice and smart. Noah knew from Naamah's memories how bad people can be. Machos, psychos, fanatics, bullies, mentors, egoists, all sorts of bored fucks pretending to be "depressed", playing a victim, acting holier than thou, etc. Noah was happy none of the children showed a single shade of that.

Noah was surprised that only one kid seemed to be another clone of himself, while the rest were different and unique. After some time he realized that the other kids look very familiar, like the very young versions of the people trained by Naamah in his memories.

The kids loved Noah's stretching exercises as well as the tight belt he was wearing for several hours a day to train his waist. They always tried to mimic him and Noah tried to share the best knowledge from his own practice.

The commune that started with Noah and a dozen children, soon began getting regular additions. More children were born a couple of years later, some of them looked the same as the children already born previously. Noah counted 22 unique patterns in total. As the settlement grew, robots and strange humanoid spawns took care of its safety and well-being.

Later a group of clones was taken to the underground facility and never returned. Noah was worried but the mainframe explained to him that they were taken to be incorporated into "The System", something that according to the mainframe had even better conditions than anything on the surface, however, there were very strict requirements for those who could be taken underground. Since then the mainframe regularly chose some of the clones to join this underground System.

Noah started to understand why it was his particular clone pattern that was chosen to lead the main settlement. Something in his personality made him very obedient, he looked up to the mainframe as a superior and never doubted its decisions. He could live with the fact that the undeground needed some human resources too, even though he sometimes wanted to know how his fellow clones were doing down there. Not that he had any doubts but he was curious what's it like underground because it had been sealed since the first days on this planet.

His attempts to hack into some of the terminals were fruitless and he figured that the only way to know what's it like, was to be taken by the System itself, even though he realized it meaned to never return to the surface again.

He gave himself a long while to come up with the decision but as the overworld settlement was doing great and he had several clones, any of them good enough to replace him, so he felt like his life would be incomplete without ever getting to know what's it like down there.

He asked the mainframe to consider him as a candidate to join the System. After some processing the mainframe granted him the permission and transfered all his special privileges to his other clone. Noah didn't expect it would be so quick and easy, no questions asked. He joined the next group of clones who were taken to the System. Fadeout, credits roll...

What do you think? 😄
There better be a sequel! I love this and I genuinely got lost in your world building and thought to myself It’s shame I won’t be around for the future where everyone has flexibility training. Really cool story! Loved it. As for the artwork, it’s beautiful . The fabric of Noah’s suit looks so real I can imagine how soft it is. I need one of those suits, I need a Namaah, and I need these series of events to be in our Earth’s future. Read more
I think world building assumes the reader has to remember a lot of things between the posts, so I'm trying to avoid that, I don't want to burden anyone with my stuff... Instead just writing short stories, using characters as actors, so there's no need to remember much... I thought since the main message of my art is 'freedom' then it makes no sense to do world building since it's a huge limiting factor if each character is always told to know their place. Instead they're quite flexible XD

Very happy to know that you liked the story and the illustration! Yeah, that fabric looks so good, I wouldn't believe if someone could wear that outfit and not become super flexible over time... XP

The Earth's future, I think it will be better than I'm describing and also much sooner than 2201. What I think is really unlikely to happen is all that mental garbage like Cyberpunk 2077, Mad Max, Blade Runner, Fallout, Terminator, etc. I have no idea why people keep coming up with all those things, it's like people back in the 1960s making movies about the 21st century, thinking up all that stuff that never happened in the end... 2021 is pretty much a copy of 1960 but with Youtube instead of the telly, pocket size phones, electric cars, better medicine, better movies, music, architecture, transportation, online banking, etc, etc. I think the world is always getting better but for some reason there's a special layer of people who are coaching us to never accept facts as facts, they want to hypnotize us into living in doubt and fear. So personally I prefer to see the world the way it is, and not what the media want me to see... :P Read more
Another most interesting facet of the phantasmagoric Yunisphere, thanks for sharing your world with us Yuni. I'll be eagerly waiting for a sequel. Such a magnificent triplefold too. Great work! I must now appreciate Noah in Happy Pretzel Day v2. Read more
Thank you so much, very glad you enjoyed! Haha yeah, that Happy Pretzel Day v2 is more like Noah after he finally got underground XD Read more
First of all I love the picture, but I also really like this new trend of bigger stories to go with your pics! Your texts have always been a pleasure to read and they make me smile numerous times, I love to imagine the settings and characters you tell us about in these little story bits. So overall, please keep it up! And also, damn this picture is cool. It's a straight 10/10!
--Alldenspa Read more
Wow, I'm very happy that you enjoyed them! I'll be happy to continue adding stories when possible. Yesterday I tried to put some pictures in my phone and I thought wow they look so boring without the stories next to them...
So glad you enjoyed the picture too! I usually make the picture first and then write whatever it makes me think of XD Read more
It´s told, that Noah is happy, but there is a very sad undertone. First his only relationships are machines and recordings of the past. At the colony, he doesn´t seem to belong there. The people are nice, but their names and faces aren´t revealed to the reader. They are copies of copies, Noah has never met the originals. Eventually, nothing holds him there and he wants to leave the world, going to a place he believes to be paradise, but whether that´s true isn´t revealed to the reader either.

We know, that another Noah will come back as Nine.
o< Read more
The story omits many things like how Noah was educated (beside contortion training) during these years on the spaceship. Apparently he learned a great deal about stuff if he managed to hack into the mainframe and watch hundreds of forbidden videos. But maybe it was part of the education plan to have him do that so he would be more thrilled to learn about the history instead of just feeding him all that information in the form of lessons. From the videos he also learned some communication skills and how things work in a human society before he even started working for the colony.

The idea about clones was to briefly preview the possibility that in 2201 most people exist in multiple copies around the world, so they don't just have many people named John but also many people who look exactly the same. I thought it could be interesting, if they find a perfect person why not make multiple copies of them... Also for artificial birth it might be easier to copy the existing DNA than generate a whole new DNA and a unique human being, so I think for deep space colonies they mostly use clones (colones? XD). Could of course put hundreds of colonists in cryopods but I think artificial birth is more interesting. Plus 100 clones are 100 times more advanced and reliable than 100 regular humans...

The "place he believes to be paradise", the System, isn't a big enigma, it's just a milking factory to produce a lot of white fluid, the main nutrition for the alien, but it's nothing like a mechanical human milkfarm. In the System they produce white fluid in the form of a game and according to their personal fetishes. The System calculates the best workcycle for every individual Drone, not best from the System's standpoint but from the Drone's own standpoint, they undergo several analyses to determine their personal interests and what things they find the most arousing, to make sure their workcycle is as comfortable and productive as possible. In case of Noah the System could indeed discover a huge subconscious fetish for being a robot, probably because of his life with Naamah he was always wondering what's it like to be an android but it never crossed his mind that it might be possible to experience...

In any case, thank you so much for reading and for your deep thoughts about this deep space story :D Read more
dreamy view
pov is awesome Read more
Thank you so much! :D Read more
Muchos nos g ustaria estar de protagonista de este POV....y tirar hacia atras de los brazos todo lo que puedas para forzar todavia mas el triplefold....
Many of us would like to be the protagonist of this POV....and pull back your arms as much as you can to force the triplefold even more.... Read more
Es difícil detenerse cuando ya se ve tan bien!
It's hard to stop when it already looks so good! Read more
Cute face good POV I like it. Read more
Thank you! :3 Read more
I ofcourse read story, but I want to stress that I absolutely love view angle and fabric of both robot and Noah suit. Esp with robot you outdone once again yourself with novel legs and its texture.
And yes whole pose including sweet Noah look is awesome too.

ps: I hope you are alright and you just dont have time or something, because I not only love your art but also always looking forwart to our "talks" in comment. If you are just taking tome off that is great as everyone needs that! But I rly hope you are alright. Read more
I'm very glad you enjoyed Noah, too bad his only partner is the robot who probably couldn't appreciate how sweet and soft Noah is...here I found another "sad" part of this story :D

Yeah I'm totally fine, I was a little busy but now I'm back, also compensating with a little bit more frequent posts! :3 Read more
Ahh my head!! Shifty :) Read more
Mwahaha...Maybe I should make user accounts at some point, I bet there are 3-4 people who will use them :D Read more
I hope you wont curse me as ungrateful, but could you turn that highlighting of comments off, please? Or give some option button to turn on/off them? And also make tem appear in chronological order again? Those glowing edges all around are bit too much. Even small dot in corner would be enough as hint :)

What would be better I think is "yourcomments" page, with list of only yours comments, so you can always find your threads. That might work better than changing apperance for individual or even complicated accounts.

I really hope Iam not anoying... Iam kinda extra picky about new upgrades esp in place which is almost perfect as it is... Read more
I'm quite allergic to website changes as well, but I thought it's very hard to find your threads in such a huge heap. I didn't know what's the best way to highlight them, guess I'll try a smaller line instead of the glowing frame... :P

I wanted to do that "yourcomments" page at first but then I thought it's too complicated :D Read more
At least it didnt "blink" :-D

New solution is much better and I think I can get used to it!

Still if here in image detail there was only like right upper corner "glowing" that be even better, but now Iam like super demanding.

Thanks very very much for listening to me! Read more
I dunno, I'll try to look at it later but not really sure how it could be improved :/ Read more
Let it as it is, I think you solved it very well! If I have better idea I might actually do some graphics this time instead talking as it is something I can manage unlike your real art beauties. Thanks once again!
Shifty Read more
Yup, let's hope the yellow line is simple and not too distracting :P Read more
Wow Read more
😏 Read more
such cute lips Read more
Thank you so much! ^-^ Read more
Me encanta su cara al ser estirado, sería muy loco una versión en animación??
I love his face to be stretched, would an animated version be very crazy?? Read more
No estoy segura, pero las animaciones son demasiado difíciles de hacer de todos modos...
Not sure but animations are too difficult to make anyway... Read more
Here it finally is, few pages and still it gave me lot of work - not an instant story this time X-)
I only hope reading won't feel awkward... made it only for you Yuni so feel free to point out what u liked or not.

Noah's adventure

In any other reality moral of the following story would be something like "curiosity killed the cat" or, "don't trust underground Ai on planet of the clones".
Luckily for our soft cherry protagonist, underground "System" was one big scheme designed to collect enough special white liquid for mainframe/colony to function properly. And to that end everyone down bellow surface was exposed to most arousing personalized conditions possible. Knowing only somewhat boring surface of the colony, no one here ever thought about leaving in fear he will not be admitted back again. That was only reason not a single soul returned so far.

Upon learning this truth and seeing fabulous living conditions almost every clone was always very happy, surprisingly not Noah. Little did he suspected mainframe knew him all too well... indeed it discovered long ago his huge subconscious fetish for robots. Being raised by drone Noah was always wondering how does it feel to be one and was quite horny whenever touching "it" during exercises even before he knew what those feelings even mean.

"I can turn you into real robot if you wish Noah" said mainframe. Since he was not stupid sudden realization how easily he was seduced into coming down here and even supposedly to stay angered him. But then he glanced on motionless drone standing next main doors, its tall lean powerful body was perfection. And not only that, if he really become one he could help anyone with anything who asks for whole eternity, at least the drones he knew were always like that... . Noah's hearth was heavily beating all the way up to his throat. Then he hesitantly asked "Can I ever go back?".
Mainframe explained that procedure is very complicated and transformation of body complete. But once in a year on his "drone makeover day" he can chose to do so. Then added: " I'll make you into very special robot, it will be unlike anything you can imagine, I watched you for all your life and hoped you will do this choice one day Noah! Might even arranged thing or two for that to happen, so we could be ... closer ... ".
Noah smiled lightly and nodded, this will be without doubt new and wonderful experience, besides he can always go back, right?

Standing drone silently sprung toward boy, gently grabbing his hand leading without a word to next room. It was filled with strange machines vaguely resembling gym equipment, but much more advanced. Another exactly same looking drone came from other side bringing large drinking glass filled with dark violet gelatinous liquid. Noah eagerly drank tasteless chilling syrup in one gulp as if in fear he might lose courage in very last moment.

Being all understandably nervous sudden drone request "now undress please" startled sweet boy. But he started laughing as quickly in relief, of course he will need no clothes anymore. There will be no need for food or rest either, in fact he will not be even "he" anymore. Those smooth drone crotches fascinated him since childhood as were their faceless artistic design. No matter how much he exercised or tried to study, any drone was just way way better in everything. Damn, even when ordered impossible tasks they always made best of given request and seemed more pleased harder order was. That was THE thing nobody else seemed to notice except Noah, but drones did felt happiness, they were strangely buzzing and walking just a slightly differently after accomplishing their order. Soon he will be just like them and since no one could tell he was once a boy hardest requests will be surely given to him too, and boy this time he will do them even better than other drones! That way he will be everyone's favorite robot doing most difficult tasks tirelessly without stop, yeah that's the plan!

Noah's favorite daydream interrupted nanobots actually realizing it, as cold numb feeling started spreading from tummy to all sides his head started spinning, quickly each drone supported one of his hands holding gently but firmly.
First to visibly change were toes, four small joining together leaving separated only thumb forming perfect feet shoe. In minute or two Noah realized he is no longer breathing, just a moments latter heart stopped beating. All internal organs were vanishing morphing into singular shape. Noah could sense all over body electric tingles, fuzzy warm feeling as his flesh and bones were slowly turning into indestructible biofibers. It was completely unreal and painless, if anything boy was excited beyond words.

But subjectively most fascinating part was shrinking of his now very erect member, smaller it was more aroused Noah felt. It all was just too much, but no way for relieve in sight, even if his body still listened and hands could move crotch inevitably turned into its final shape. As lad's waist began forcefully shrinking into real wasp size Noah's overwhelmed mind became confused, nearly feverish - only rope to hang on were calm tingling waves coming slowly from deepest parts of newly reborn body. Still he could not force eyes to stay open and fell asleep.

When he woke up again, his sight was all wrong... much sharper among other things, maybe drone over there could help him make heads and tails of where he is and why. Only problem was, "that" faceless robot was mere reflection in control panel. Yeep, that means.... best thing ever! Yesterday was NOT a dream!
Not wasting another second Noah just turned around in waist without lifting feet, and effortlessly looked on his own butt, then bending further toward back of legs inspecting indeed perfectly smooth butt/crotch from behind, moments latter looking on the ceiling from whole new angle. He could feel strong pleasing strain in waist, back of the neck even legs and yet he knew this is but a basic motion new body is capable of.

Before he could proceed any further strange voice told him to step into nearby "fitness" machine he saw yesterday. Noah quickly risen up, but there was no one around the voice must have been in his very mind deduced. He was somehow compelled to do as told, but also knew back in the head there was still an option to refuse however small. I am a robot now, of course I will listen - reasoned boy. As soon as his leg made first step pleasant feeling filled belly, nothing dramatic yet feeling sure was addicting.

Machine's flexible limbs grabbed all Noah's appendages and started all sorts of exercises. Boy soon realized this must be test machine making sure his new shell is up to all standards, for his and everyone else safety. Few hours into procedure exercises became quite extreme, for example Noah was one moment squished into pancake, then twisted 3 times around (like a towel), only to be stretched again and again in different ways by tremendous force. Procedure was cold harsh way to experience those wonders for a first time, but very efficient - giving drone real examples of its expected capabilities. Boy's mind was not accustomed to such strong sensations it was once again too much, but this time blackout didn't came, he wanted to scream but had no mouth... . However with each next exercise feelings were less and less confused. Next day motions felt almost normal and day after that torso twisting combined with stretching felt in fact ecstatic. If only he could ask for one further clockwise twist and bit stronger stretch... this gummy body would surely handled it!

Some time latter testing just concluded. Released Noah had finally few moments just for himself.
He spent them by "drone exercise", set of completely inhuman movements often performed by favorite drone Namah - as if it purposefully teased cloned pupil beyond possible. If he still had eyes, they would be wet as boy never really believed this wish will come true. Twisting arm two times around, then standing on index finger in perfect balance all the while rest of body made even stranger stuff was but first example.

Yet free time ended when mainframe's "mind" voice told boy to start his duties in massage lounge. (Map of complex just appeared inside his head.) Spacious white warm hall resembling luxurious spa was filled with care free clones enjoying their bodies in wide range of ways. Noah could not miss how eagerly other drones collected precious white fluid - he alone could hear and feel their happy moans in head, ha ha they will surely hear his too.

Noah could not wait to try "it" too, but had no idea how to behave properly, and so he was just standing motionlessly, like most clueless robot ever.
"Hey don't just stare and help me out" called young voice from nearby swimming pool - voice belonged to none other than Noah's own clone twin. Guy slipped on wet floor and needed hand. Noah entire being was suddenly filled with analogue of adrenaline rush as if bad dragon needed spanking and he was only knight around. Lightning speed of suddenly dangerously looking tall wide shouldered drone startled lying guy. His face looking somewhat afraid. Noah strong arms picked "former" twin up like some kind of weightless baby then putting him slowly on nearest deckchair.
"Are you alright?" said Noah in most dumb robotic voice. Only to be surprised by mischievous smile of his former face.
"Hhh I faked it, you drones get all worked up in such situations... "it is always much better afterwards" said twin and skillfully touched Noah's smooth crotch. This time automatic reward for fulfilling important task (helping clone) was ten times stronger, combined with touch on "that" place made Noah all spasm out in sharpest instant orgasm he ever had. Doing everything to not lose his cool Noah sat beside twin embracing him gently around shoulders just as he remembered lovers in Namah memories did. And then something unexpected happened. Noah old face, hairs even parts of naked chest just appeared. He of course could not see himself, but somehow knew exactly what is happening. He "knew" this is the right look to make twin most happy.
They kissed, like he never kissed anyone before, somehow Noah now "knew" how to give happiness better than lovers in ancient legends. He knew it all, and there were no end to miracles, because his crotch (massaged by giggling twin) started growing something... something... big. It weren't his old pride but brand new super sensitive thing, surface smother than velvet and more flexible than a snake.
"What's your name?" Asked Noah.
"Call me Vin" replied twin just before all went fuzzy.

end of part 1
Shifty Read more
ps: I won't be around internet few days thats only reason I won't be commenting!!! Looking forward to be back and look around here again :-)
Hmmm It would be cool to have one single image for offtopic bits like this as off-topic is problem sometimes.
Shifty Read more
I will be prop nagging now, but did you liked my story at all?
Shifty Read more
Oh yes, at first I wanted to say that drones are not robots (they're humans whose bodies are modded according to their personal fetishes to improve their fluid output) but then I remembered the word "robot" is from the Czech language where it means "worker", so guess can call drones robots in a philosophical way XD In a way drones are "forced labor" but the System does everything to make sure they never feel unhappy by giving them the best experience of their personal fetishes in exchange for their service.

I really like the new idea you had of drones and clones working together in this mini System on the distant planet. The colony of clones who are like flowers, while drones are like bees responsible to collect the precious fluid. I bet with more and more clones they make a fully fluid-oriented planet this way, not like Earth where the System has to stay underground, on this planet the interaction is very open and thanks for this idea because I didn't think much and assumed the System on the new planet will be just the same secretive but I think as you described it can be very open and both layers live in harmony supporting each other, the clones and the drones.

Also love the Noah twin, I never thought that clones are a bad idea, somehow I really like the feeling it gives to imagine how you have clones of yourself, all friendly and not only friendly but loving to have fun together. Also I maybe dumb but it never crossed my mind that clones could actually have completely different haircuts, making them look not quite the same as each other. But I was still confused that Vincent could be Noah's clone, I didn't think their faces looked similar but then I often notice many of my characters have similar faces, so everything is possible...

Ok, sorry if I maybe misread or misinterpreted anything but the story really gave me nice thoughts! I also really enjoy the part where Noah's body was turned into an unbreakable drone body, with many stretch tests to improve his invulnerability. And the stretch tests he enjoyed so much that he would run them daily just for the enjoyment of being twisted and stretched so much, while his new body is fully protected from breaking, possiblity the same group of nanobots used to create Painproofen® that turns seemingly very painful things into the most pleasant experience, regenerating the body and altering the way the brain perceives these extremes. Again, sorry if some parts of the story you meant in a different way, but I just thought I'd share what it made me think of ^^ Read more
Read more
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