Noah's Integration (WIP)

How the best contortion boy on the Italian block, Noah Martini, turned into the ultimate flexible bot, serial number AN14-0213979!

Welcome to Utopia! :3

In the year 2201, the mankind is happily donating half of its male offsprings to the Vraexol System, usually referred to as Utopia. Nobody knows what exactly is happening in these vast underground cities built by the aliens in the recent decades, but since the aliens seem to be highly benevolent galactic peacemakers and always share some really amazing technology with the humanity, everybody assumes it must be something awesome! *w*

Noah always knew he was born to join some kind of "System" and he couldn't wait for the day! Of course he had no idea when exactly this day would come for him, only that he is supposed to keep his body in a good physical condition.

Noah's Dream

When he was a young child, Noah once woke up in his beautiful appartment in Venice and after stretching and yawning he sat on his soft white bed, trying to remember the amazing dream he just had. He was swallowed and chewed up by a huge bubble gum that wrapped his entire body like a costume, so thoroughly that only his mouth alone was left for breathing, and the next thing that happened, he turned into a sort of bubble gum boy himself, able to bend his body in every way like it was made of rubber!

"Just like those contortionist people," his mama said during breakfast.

"Contra...huh?" Noah raised his brows so much they disappeared under his cute brown fringe.

"Look," his mama poked a few times into the wall and the little search box expanded and started a video of a strangely dressed boy who suddenly bent backwards and kept going and helping himself until his head went between his own legs from behind. After doing something so amazing, the boy smiled at the audience as if this was something completely ordinary, then went on crawling further and further between his legs until his shoulders went through and his head stretched so far that the back of his shaggy hair touched his own crotch. The boy closed his eyes and became completely still in this position, as if he was a sculpture, while his turning table made one full turn, showing every detail of his extremely stretched body.

"Very beautiful, isn't it?" Noah's mama said, noticing how much her boy was impressed.

"My God, Mama, it's just like my dream!!" Noah poked his little finger into the wall. "How does he do it?"

"I don't know, dear, but I once heard it takes many years of training."

"Do you think I could learn it??"

"Didn't you want to learn playing a violin last week..."

"Noooo, I don't wanna anymore!"

"Well... I suppose I can ask aunt Veronica. She likes contortionists, maybe she knows where they teach it."

"Yeah! Let's go!!"

"Finish your breakfast, darling, it took me almost an hour to cook it for you."

"Sorry Mama!!" Noah picked some pasta with his fork and suddenly chuckled, noticing how very loose and flexible it was, twisting and bending along the hard tines. "This pasta is so flexi... er, I mean, so delicious!"

Several years later...

Nobody expected the Vraexol bot when he suddenly arrived to fetch Noah to integrate him into the System. Much less did Noah expect to soon become one of such bots himself, the so-called AN-Drone series whose main function was to help the Vraexol to interact with the humans.

AN-Drones served as various intermediates between the System and the mankind, some of them helping to invite new members when it's time for their integration into the System, but most of AN-Drones just lived together with humans, representing one of the alien technologies.

Of course, since AN-Drones had to interact with humans, they would undergo radical body and mind alterations, so much that other humans no longer could recognize them as possible human beings. All the internal organs were encased by metal and their external body was reworked to a rubber-like condition, allowing them not only to reduce any possible damage to a bare minimum but also stretch and bend their bodies beyond human abilities.

Because of this and their mental reprogramming, no human scientists could ever recognize AN-Drones as former human beings and they were globally embraced as another amazing alien technology. Humans usually called them robots, androids, AN-D's, andies, etc. It was up to humans how they would use their obtained AN-Drones, and thanks to their incredible physical condition AN-Drones very often used as entertainers of all sorts, such as dancers and contortionists.

AN14-0213979 a.k.a. 979 a.k.a. Nine, which was Noah's new handle by which he was known after his integration, became one of such service bots and was assigned to the Simons family as a caretaker of the younger son, Sam Simons, who was a modular human, another recent alien technology. Modular humans were basically limbless but able to wear a wide range of artificial limbs, which however required some maintenance and care, so they usually got a helper from the System for free.

Since both Sam and Nine were greatly obsessed with contortion, they basically had fun all day, every day. Of course because of his mental override Nine never acted fully human, more like a very humanlike robot, which inspired Sam a lot to treat him more as a bendable toy, but for Nine it was absolutely ecstatic to be treated like that in his new condition, he was absolutely focused on helping Sam around fulfilling his every wish.

Not to say Sam was a bad guy, actually the opposite, but he did have some wild ideas assuming that Nine was just a robot and could be ordered to do whatever. At least Nine in his super condition took all the challenges with a great pleasure, always getting rewarded by the System for his great service.

Thanks a lot to Kito for help with Noah's design AND of course of coming up with the whole 2201/System setting!! :3

What do you think? 😄
Glad to see your lovely body mod work back~
Bless you for bringing back the site, its always a pleasure to have your work in an easy to access place~ Read more
Not at all, it just took me a whole month because I was trying to figure out what I need to change to make things actually satisfying. Looks like adding comments was the best decision in years! Read more
The comment section is a great addition. Maybe also consider something like Pixiv FANBOX,, Patreon, etc. as an avenue to dedicate more time (and make bank) to providing us these perfect beings in the form of angelic boys. Also making the world a much gayer place. The will never be enough Archie, Noah, Andrzej, etc. Read more
Thanks, it's indeed surprisingly good, I didn't realize I had so many visitors on this website. I've never looked at its statistics, so for me it was just uploading a bunch of pictures and getting nothing back, for a few years already. Glad it's fixed now, the comments are really great!

For Patreon et cetera, I keep postponing all that. Too trendy... 😌 Read more
Konnichiwa, Yuni-san. Is that the proper honorific for you? Eiichiro Oda wrote in One Piece to suggest Yuni-kun might be a better choice. Or this could all be considered too patronizing to you and your culture. I feel more of a robot than Noah Nine. I hope he was allowed to retain some of his individuality, unlike the cult in which I spent 52 unhappy years. I had to keep my elastic boy original character under wraps since 1968. Discovering Monkey D Luffy was liberating, (a rare young male stretcher) but not so much as was being invited into your bubble gum world, about 2010. Bubble gum, meaning pleasurable elasticity, whether or not it appeals to adolescent females, as bubble gum is popularly defined. I hope my messages bring you much happiness, the way your art and stories and messages bring much happiness to me. Please feel free to edit out any of my content not appropriate to your happy website. Keep on brightening the world! You are wanted, needed, and loved! Domo arigato, Yuni Read more
Oh, maybe you were lucky to wear one of those fancy long boy's hairstyles from the 1970-80s. Combined with hyperflexibility that would be remarkable!

Maybe one day I will create an elastic contortionist boy from the 70-80s who kinda looks like a hippie or a skater boy straight from the photos by Hugh Holland! I think many youngsters around the world shared that common style.

Anyway, beside new elastic characters, yes I remember people told me about One Piece in 2005. I only watched it in 2012 and I loved it! Luffy is the best boy! I made a couple of fanarts then:
Gomu Gomu no Human Knot
Gomu Gomu no Supple Bow
I only got to the later arcs later, in 2017 I finally got to Dellinger and instantly had to draw him!!
Legs Day WIP
After that arc I lost the interest and haven't watched it since.
Also thank you so much for your encouraging words! Gotta keep enjoying the young male elasticity, oh yes 😋 Read more
Dear Yuni, Thank you for reading and answering my comments! As an act of rebellion against the cult, I did grow my hair long in 1977 and wore it long even after the Elders overreacted big time. The cult kids didn't want to wear their hair like Gomer Pyle. They wanted to wear their hair like, by name, me. And their sheeple parents ratted me out. I love your Luffy art. Mama said i look like him! I wish I knew how to send you drawings of my original Rubber Boy character, named that since 1968, (long before the great Rubberboy, Daniel Browning Smith, trademarked this stage name.) My character definitely has surfer hair and a surfer suntan! I chose my own surfer hair for the esthetic qualities I found in my drawings. I was happy being the very shortest kid in school. If I could stretch, I wouldn't have had to grow up! Thank you for keeping me in mind. "Shawn" and I looked a lot like your Yasha back then. Wish I still did! ;) Domo Arigato for your magic mirror! Read more
It was an act of rebellion but those times are now mostly remembered for the long haired guys. Seeing surfer haired tanned boys from those times taking on contortion would have been amazing! Instead of Mr. Smith I'd rather bring up Rudolph Delmonte who actually looks like a surfer hair contortionist boy who was caught on camera some 10-15 years too late:
This is the 80s, if only there were a 70s video of him... I guess "Pinky" was too crazy flexible for the telly when he was a kid, so showed his Ruppel backbend only to his mom 😥 Read more
Thank you, Yuni! Thank you for considering my letter. I do remember Mr Delmonte! He was the featured performer one season for Ringling Brothers/Barnum and Bailey Circus. I sat spellbound listening to him reminisce on TV about his circus parents teaching him contortion. He said, as a boy, he didn't like the pain of his lessons. I already had pain growing up, probably Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which the doctorS then attributed to Nothing but Hypochondria. I would have gladly accepted a lot more pain to live my dream. Now I have nothing but pain. The only joy in my life is your artwork and writings. You make me feel truly rich! I even just dreamed Yasha was walking through the backyard of my childhood, but I was too ashamed to even try to catch his attention. Another dream passed me by. I wouldn't have " jumped his bones," I just wanted to express my admiration. Maybe next time. Domo Arigato, Yuni san!!! Read more
Great, so you have a whole lot more information on Mr Delmonte, I must say I'm a bit sitting on the edge right now, imagining "his circus parents teaching him contortion". Both mom and dad stretching him SO much that it was even painful to bear at times! Wow, pretty sure he did the starfish long before Mr Rasquin named it "Ruppel backbend".

Also, that's a cute little dream about Yasha! If I ever saw him walking in the street I'd show him how much I can stretch by dropping my jaw all the way to the ground!! And then I will howl like a cartoon wolf!

Also, sorry to read about your chronic pains, but let me assure you that you have nothing to worry about if you think I have less health issues than you 😅 Read more
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