Ninja x Turtle WIP

Turtle: "Stupid invertebrates..."

My ninja boy Kagemaru abusing the trust of Japanese turtles during his flexibility and balance training on the beach near his dojo :3 When you have to do the same exercises every day, it sometimes gets boring to do them upon the very same immobile rocks on the beach all the time, so I guess he got bored XD

Too bad he's never seen TMNT, or else he might have more respect for these majestic creatures! Turtles can be ninjas too! Not sure about sea turtles though... could be sea ninjas? As in, ninja pirates? XD Oh I bet that would make a popular franchise XD

p.s. Actually now that I think of it, doing this exercise on a small boat in the middle of a river would be a lot more effective in terms of balance training XD But oh well, maybe it's the next stage of his training, so I'll draw it next time X3

What do you think? 😄
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