Nighttime Pretzel

A little gift for Aldric Cheylan, inspired by her drawing of Romir ^-^

Romir started as a regular child who wanted to learn contortion. In the Oriental tribe, the elven village where he lived, contortion was the main art form, and all the deities and festivals were somehow related to it, so many little elves wanted to start learning it as soon as possible, and Romir was just like that.

Nobody could expect that several years later Romir would manage to stretch so far that he outbent all the contortionist elves who ever lived before him in the Oriental tribe. In the history of the village, nobody could ever do this pose that he learned to do one day:

His contortion teacher, Master Emaryl, told him so many compliments on that day and they were both so excited that at night Romir couldn't fall asleep for a long time because of the excitement! He couldn't wait for tomorrow to run to Master Emaryl's house to do more of extreme contortion, but his body was so excited after bending so much on that day that sleep just didn't come to him.

Romir kept thinking about Master Emaryl's words about becoming a star and wondered what it's like to be a star. He kept staring into the starry nightsky through his house's window and wondering... He never truly looked that much at the stars before but now he looked at them and tried to imagine what it took for each of these stars to become the star that it is. Each of these stars must have accomplished something really amazing... Maybe they crafted amazing jewels, or sewed amazing clothes, or composed amazing music, or maybe they did amazing poses like himself.

Romir also wondered how he was going to become a star, would he float to the sky to become one of these shiny fireflies in the night? No no, more likely he would travel to the highest mountain and from there he would step through the door leading to the sky. Yes, that's most likely how it works. But... what about all his friends, Aaulin and his younger brother Aorev, the brothers Sayalin and Sylas, and what about his teacher Emaryl? Romir had so many questions to ask his teacher tomorrow!

Characters belong to Aldric Cheylan ©

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Awwwwwww, what a beautiful child! Thank you, Ms Yuni. I would be happy to return to this beauty, even if I was just 5 Eurocoins high. Elven ears would be no problem at all. A world where beauty is valued over brutality! You and I are already citizens of that world, at least in our hearts! Thank you! Read more
And softness is the greatest strength! Yup yup! So glad you enjoyed! 😊 Read more
SO sweetly Sexy 💕 Read more
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