Never get tired of it

Sam warming up for his ragdoll performance, it's when he dresses up as a doll and acts like a human-sized stuffed toy, letting assisants bend and twist that doll in all imaginable ways, so the audience believes that it's just made of plush or something and then SUDDENLY, at the end of the show, Sam takes off some of the rags and his mask and people cannot believe it that there was a real boy inside all that time!!

And he'll never get tired of seeing people's reactions to it XDDDD

What do you think? 😄
Great fun to look around your old works, hope to see more! Read more
Thank you! I still have a lot of them 😉 Read more
Looking around all the new uploads and hastags! Please bring back the search by hastag option<3 Read more
Yeah, probably need to do that... 🤔 Read more
Performing all shirtless and barefoot in sweet poses like this, definitely the best way to perform as a contortionist, and especially with all that sweat, which adds more to the hotness.🥰🥰🥰 Read more
Barefoot, shirtless, sweating from holding extreme poses... OMG what a perfect heavenly image! 😍 Read more
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