Naomi - lineart

This is a drawing of Aldric Cheylan's character Naomi – The Very First Contortionist and this is a gift for Aldric ^-^

The link above has a very good story about who is Naomi, but in short...

Naomi is the very first furry boy who discovered the art of contortion, he was so talented that he attracted attention of the furry Prince and the Prince found the best teachers for Naomi. Those teachers were the elves Emaryl, Aaulin and Aorev from the Oriental tribe.

His teachers demonstrated to him all the poses he was supposed to repeat, but because elves are about 10 times smaller than furries, they couldn't help him much with stretching. For that purpose, they found another furry who agreed to help Naomi. Thanks to that furry's help and the elves' advices, Nao quickly gained a lot of flexibility.

Being a furry, Naomi had a great sense of balance and even his elven teachers were amazed at what complex poses he learned to do while balancing on his toes only. It looks like he only needed flexibility training, while balancing was very natural for him.

Naomi's trainer became the first teacher of contortion in the furry kingdom and after Naomi he trained many other young furries and educated other wannabe-trainers, so the art of contortion spread very quickly and soon the furries couldn't understand why they never practiced this art in the past, despite they always had such great natural qualities for it :3

Characters belong to Aldric Cheylan ©

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