🤖 My AI Workflow - Potcast #1

🎵 WARNING – This video has an audio! 😜

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Hey there! So, you asked me to make a video of how I work with my AI, but somehow it turned into a potcast instead... XD Sorry about that! But I hope you enjoy it anyway.

This is Part 1 and I'm super excited to share it with you. Please let me know if you have any issues with the audio track – it's my first time adding sound, so I'm a bit nervous! 😅

For this video, I used an old image that I never liked because I thought it was too plain. So, I decided to use it as a base for AI "experiments". I didn't want to spend time making a brand new 3D image because it would take much longer and I already have my 3D workflow covered in the past 👉

What do you think? 😄
This is a work of art. All of it, even the dialogues with yourself. A creative being takes everything around them to make art and that's what you are doing. Keep it up. Loved the final result. Almost looks like a stocky male contortionist. Different of the feminine male body you usually give us. I love it. Read more
Whoa, thanks for taking the time to listen to my ramblings! I really appreciate it! I was starting to think no one cared about this silly thing that took me forever to put together :`D ... But now that I know at least one person got a kick out of it, it's made my day so much better! It's like a candle in the night :3

It's too bad more folks didn't give it a listen, but hey, maybe next time. In the meantime, I'm gonna keep on keeping on and try to stay positive while making more stuff that people don't care about... :`D Read more
Glad to know you better now!!
I’ve seen your work for a long time, you where the first one to inspire me to make contortion art too.
Tho I’ve been a little against AI art, if used properly as a tool, it does give good looking results.
Outside of that, still love your work! ;D Read more
Thank you so much for your kind words! It's always great to hear from fellow artists who appreciate my work. I'm happy I was able to inspire you to create contortion art as well - maybe you should have shared a link to your gallery... :P

As for AI art, it can produce some impressive results but there's always a risk of losing the human touch - however, if used as a tool to enhance rather than replace it entirely, AI art has a lot of potential! :3

Again, thank you for your support and I hope we can continue to inspire each other! <3 Read more
Wait is that your real voice??? Anyhow I really love this workflow! Read more
Yes, all the 4+ voice impressions are mine, I'm just that talented... XD Just kidding! Sounds like you didn't watch this video but say that you love it, which is kinda sad... Read more
This is awesome! I've wondered for a while how you make erotic art with AI look so frickin good. As ever, amazing job! Read more
Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed my work. ^^ Read more
Wonderful to see that you went ahead and did something like this. Thank you! It's most interesting and helpful. I look forward to the other parts! Read more
Thanks for your kind words! I'm glad that you found my work useful - I hope the rest of the series will be just as "informative" :`D Read more
MANY thanks for this documentation. I admire how perfectly you can handle it! Read more
Thank you so much for your kind words! It's always great to hear that my work is appreciated. Read more
Of course I want more, it was really interesting and entertaining. Read more
I'm glad you enjoyed the vid! I'll keep working on it as long as people are actually watching it. So far, it seems like people only watch the first minute because only one comment mentioned the "conversation". In any case, thanks for letting me know you liked it! Read more
Thats cool! Read more
^^ Read more
You are the best artist! I love your works! (Here must be many hearts) Read more
Thank you! But I guess you also didn't watch it 😓 Read more
That was really interesting! Thank you very much for sharing! Really stoked to see more of this! Quite the sight!
Sending as much love as possible.
- Card R. Read more
Thank you so much! Though I guess you also didn't watch it 😓 Read more
This was a surreal experience. It certainly seems to take a lot of work and tweaking. Sort of like Photoshop filters workflow, getting it just right, except a whole different set of tools to try to understand.

Dr Why seems a bit negative sometimes, and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out whether there were two people talking, or just one with two or more filters, or if some or all of the speech was itself AI-generated.

Dum dum doo dum dum :) Read more
Thanks!! Yuni and Dr. Why are like two sides of myself - Yuni the curious inner child and Dr. Why the mad scientist. I feel like they capture how I feel when working on art... 😌

AI tools are pretty cool! They're different from regular digital painting tools because they can do all sorts of crazy things that you wouldn't be able to do with just a brush.

In comparison, digital painting is quite robotic - once you learn a certain technique, you can repeat it forever and it always works the exact same way. Traditional and digital artists are like programmed machines stuck in the endless loop of doing the same things over and over again. There's no human being anymore - just a living technique, a biorobot who can output a certain "style". But can't blame them - it's just how it works with traditional tools.

In AI art, the "crafting" approach doesn't work, it's a fluid system where the output is extremely difficult to control. It's super easy to generate completely random pictures based on words and then call it "my art" - that's the "democratic" part of it. But if you want some very specific, complex picture that you can truly call YOUR art, you'd have to be sneaky and try 5-10 completely different approaches until you get the right result. Read more
oh sorry I didn't watch the video all the way through, I should have known the voice was AI generated, I figured that was the case RIGHT after I wrote that, I feel a bit silly now, i'll watch the whole video now, my bad Read more
No problem, I think I'm back to playing Minecraft 😌 Read more
(So far, it seems like people only watch the first minute because only one comment mentioned the "conversation".)

I think there's a lot of your fans, as me, who don't understand fast spoken english but watched the video till the end. Read more
Thanks for checking out the video, even if you don't speak English. It's always cool to see people interested in my content. Read more
The final picture is looking good after numerous manipulations with app and your voice comments)) Really motivated presentation. Its push me to testing AI with my own pics and watching for results)) Your result is pretty well ! Read more
I'm glad it was motivating in some way! But AI can be a bit of a minefield, you know? It's hard to find good results between the bad ones. But when you get the best results, it's not the end of battle... The final and worst part is showing it to people, because they have all kinds of weird beliefs right now... So it's great to hear some supportive words for a change! Read more
Well I watched entire video and was surprised it wasnt normal video-guide but more like funny witty show :) I guess there must be lot work behind it as I could heard lot sound effects, multiple personalities done via ai generated voices, funny passages about "flexipox" etc. or smart decision to add subtitles!
My feeling is that maybe idea was too ambitious to work seamlesly along workflow video. And thats why some parts feel bit strange. But on otherside I love that it is honest video without premade parts hiding creative mistakes or dead ends.

Overal I would like very much to see next part and more such videos but It could take lot more effort to make regular people watch 30min+ video in time when to many 30s video seems long .-/

I just hope my view doesnt sound bad or wrong, but Iam trying to tell what I see not only always praise.
Shifty Read more
Thank you so much for taking the time to watch my video guide! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed it, even if the candy was a bit different from the cover :D

I think the problem was that I recorded the whole process, but then I got a little too creative with adding audio. It was so much fun to play around with an entirely new medium (voice actors) that I ended up spending way more time on it than I originally planned. But hey, at least I learned a ton about video editing and found out that you don't need any fancy Adobe software to make a killer video! :D

But despite the video turning into more of a comedy show than expected, I think it still gives you a good idea of how much work goes into getting a good base. That base picture still needs some major work before it's even close to completion - and all the little details that need to be fixed.

I have the rest of the footage, just not motivated to finish it. After all that work, I just couldn't believe people didn't freak out over part 1 like I thought they would. It was such a bummer. And now the thought of putting in even more effort to finish it up and make part 2 is just not very appealing. But hey, maybe one day I'll get my groove back and knock it outta the park! XD Read more
Yuni, this is super cool. Really, sincerely, personally, thank you for this. I had the biggest smile on my face the first time I watched it, and now I'm on the third and still enjoying it. You have a talent for this, and you're damned personable and charming.

I'm still not convinced you aren't the first sentient AI that escaped into the wild, and hides on the DA servers where nobody would look that's why you're obsessed with contortion, you don't have a body. ;)

This was a blast, and I hope you do more. The contortionist prayer was fun, but then you started with the choir music... Please do more of these Read more
Thank you so much for your kind words! Very glad you enjoyed it as much as I did! :D

Hey, you know what's wild? Maybe we're all just AIs in a dream world where we think we have human bodies XD

I'm skeptical about part 2, but I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed some details about this video like the contortion prayer! :3 Read more
And I thank you for such great answer, I always read all your answers with delight. Was thinking, maybe it would be interesting to try like short (+- 3 minutes?) voiceover to selected few images. Maybe even from like perspective of characters (not just reteling of written story but sort of bonus content) or other format. But make it brief so it is not such exhausting effort.
Btw that original image is also interesting despite age and some errors you pointed out.
Shifty Read more
I'm happy to hear that my answers are enjoyable for you. As for your suggestion of adding voiceovers or bonus content, it sounds like an interesting idea. As for the original image, it's always fascinating to see how far technology has come and test new things. Read more
Your work is amazing! Level of detail is exceptional! You commented that it's not one of the best crafts ever made, if it's worth the suggestion, do it wearing a tight black catsuit with feet and gloves or pantyhose Read more
Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm glad you like my work. And as for wearing a tight black catsuit, I think it would definitely add an extra level of excitement, or maybe a pair of loose-fitting yoga pants and a cozy sweater could also work well. Read more
This really made me smile and was a lot of fun. Thank you for sharing it, Yuni. I didn't know it would be so interesting to watch you work, but it is!
-tbj Read more
It's awesome to hear that you enjoyed the video! 😄 It was fun making it and learning all kinds of new stuff about video editing. Read more
Great original, amazing new version! Are you going to post the finished version of this? :D Read more
What sort of hardware are you running this on? All of my current boxes are way too weak to run modern AI. I've played with a few of the web sites with image->image, and I might want to put something together that can do this sort of thing on my own net. Also, what are you using as documentation for SD?

Thanks! Keep on keepin' on! Read more
This video is quite old, these days I mostly use Forge - it's based on Automatic1111's WebUI but more optimized and easier to install. If you have 8 GB of VRAM or less, there's a huge speed boost. And it has the most popular extensions already built in.

But I think it's a very bad idea to install any software before you know exactly what you're doing. It's best to watch at least 10-15 videos about it first until you get the whole picture of how it works. I think these channels are quite interesting:

I can't recomment specific videos because I watched hundreds of them and I'm always watching everything about the newest features. Also Olivio Sarikas has a large Discord server all about AI tools and I believe you can ask any kind of questions on it or even find the answers before even asking:
discord.gg/XKAk7GUzAW Read more
Fret not. My nerd fu is pretty strong. I don't have an adequately capable box at the moment, and am thinking about an RTX 4070 ti super for the AI engine. I'm not sure about the supporting hardware yet. Not being a gamer at heart (I mainly have computers for dev/old school hackery), I'm a bit out to sea in the world of high-end PC hardware. I am hoping I can get this stuff running under some Linux variant as that's what I'm most familiar. (Slackware is my daily driver, and I've well over two decades with UNIX-oid systems.) Read more
Most of the AI stuff is written in Python and has bash scripts that start a local webserver that you can access from the browser, and from that point there's no difference between Linux and Windows in terms of the UI. Pretty much all of it is on Github with proper documentation, but Youtube is still a good source to discover what's possible to do and where to download the models for it. Read more
And they dare say ai is about to replace us. Read more
Read more
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