My 3D Workflow πŸ•‹

You asked me to make a video of how I work with my 3D and at first I wasn't sure but then I thought this video would help many people to understand how 3D art is made in case somebody thinks I make my art somehow in 3 clicks.

Warning: it's almost 45 minutes long! Even though it's on x4 speed πŸ˜‚

I created the character, the textures, the hair and the leotard at various times in the past, so this video doesn't show how I made them. I just wanted to show how I make pictures with my characters πŸ˜„

This is what I used in the video:
Daz Studio 4.15
Blender 2.90
Adobe Photoshop CS6

And the final picture:

Hope you enjoy it! This video was recorded just for your entertainment and not meant to be a tutorial πŸ˜›

Sublime el proceso de realizacion de la ilustracion, tiene un gran trabajo y sobre todo como rematas los detalles
Sublime the process of realization of the illustration, has a great job and especially as you finish the details
Muchas gracias! Me alegra que hayas disfrutado del video! πŸ˜„
Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed the video!
Hey yuni, are you male or a female? I'm a snail 🐌
Absolutely fascinating to watch your process! Thank you for sharing! I'm glad! Thank you for watching! 😊
This is So Great! Well Done! Thank You So Much!! 😊
Fascinating! Thanks so much for showing this. I'm in awe! I'm very glad you liked it! I enjoyed it too, making videos of yourself doing things is fun, I never did that before but now I can understand all the youtubers πŸ˜„
It's always hard to imagine how much time an artists will cost for making a single art. I'm deeply impressed by your skill and dedication! Yes, but as you can see the process itself is a lot of fun, so it's usually a lot longer than 3 hours... I tried to rush everything for the video but normally I play with a single picture for a few days 😏
Very cool to see, thank you for sharing! Fascinating how you "paint" the 3D surfaces on after posing the base model to emphasize it just to your liking and how you construct that pillar all from scratch! Being able to work with 3D is such an awesome skill. I know this must be a dreadful question when you can both paint and do 3D, but compared to painting, do you find the process of 3D more enjoyable? After so many years of mastering painting I'd imagine being able to put your brain power into mastering a whole new skill to be very satisfying and provide a new challenge. Do you find yourself getting frustrated in different things when doing 3D than compared to 2D? Like are you glad that you have a base model so you don't have to do the body in itself over and over again, but can focus on the details and the technical details in the program itself? For me when doing art there can always come a point of frustration where you need to go into problem solving mode to nail down exactly what you have in mind or figure out how this and that works. I'd also guess that it gives you additional possibilities to chase after that bending perfection that you couldn't reach when confined in a 2D space! :D Anyway, personally, I love all your styles! It's so awesome to see it translated into a whole different medium. - Ciyu Thank you so much, I'm very happy that you enjoyed the video! Yes, 3D is pretty awesome, all the tools are free, all the tutorials on youtube are free, and google can answer ANY question you possibly have about 3D in seconds.

I think whether you prefer 2D or 3D depends on your brain type and personality. For example when children go to the beach, some would paint on the sand with a stick, some would start building sand castles. Personally I find 3D more fun for myself but I still like the painted look, so I guess I make a sand castle then enhance it with a stick.

Whether I feel frustrated while making art or not depends more on the comments I got recently, also depends a lot on my health state and stress level on that day. I don't do any kind of self-management and self-analysis when making art, I just follow my intuition, it's completely non-verbal, like I'm not saying in my head "here I'm entering a problem solving mode" and "now I'm nailing exactly what I wanted", I pretty much don't think about anything at all while arting. Mostly my only thoughts are about how fewer and fewer people comment or how some jerk said my art is "not interesting"... 😌
I've got a question that doesn't exactly relate to this picture. Who do you think is your most flexible character? Probably Nate here because it looks like he has springs between his spinal discs. And Simon here having rubber legs and Yasha here doing the full 360° twist 😊
WOOW thank you for sharing this I'm a big fan of blender and that's an original form of using its simulations Thank you so much for watching! Yeah, I love Blender, the way it's free is quite unbelievable really. Considering how stable and easy to use it is. I only got into Blender for the first time after they modernized the interface, so I'm not aware of the horrors of the old Blender's UI, but the new Blender is super easy, at least for my tasks.

The only thing I couldn't do that I wanted to do is use Blender for rendering, it just does skin awfully compared to Daz Studio with Nvidia Iray. I'm pretty sure it's my lack of knowledge because games like Witcher 3 have really beautiful skin in real-time and so even Blender's Eevee should be capable of that, but I guess it requires knowing a great deal about that...

The simulation I actually did that way because I have no idea how to make drapes so I tried to figure it out in the process. I'll need to look up a tutorial on that before doing it again πŸ˜…
Thanks for the interesting insight. ItΒ΄s all comprehensive. IΒ΄m relieved, that you use pretty basic techniques and lots of manual polishing. Because IΒ΄m envious of superhumans, who can simulate perfectly working and looking characters in a 3d program ;) Well, I'm pretty sure those kind of superhumans made the base model in Daz Studio because it's quite amazing how its joints react to bending. A few more years and maybe I won't need to fix all those hundreds of anatomical errors all the time because the base model will consider every single nuance.

But yeah, I don't experiment very much with 3D because I'm not very interested in 3D itself, I only need it to make more realistic pictures of my characters because when I started making art I was a big fan of Boris Vallejo's style, I wanted to make contortion art in a similar style one day, but after 15+ years of practice I realized I'm only more and more frustrated with painting and not really getting where I wanted... But 3D helped a lot and now my art looks closer to how I wanted it to be, though I still need to work on giving it a more painted look πŸ˜…
I often despise 3D artists because they have no care for falling into the uncanny valley. They end up having soul-less characters in their artwork. Also, their 3D art is generic, and indistinguishable from the others who do 3D as well. But you are an exception! You are getting great at this. I don't know how you did it, but when you started doing 3D, somehow that Yuni-que vibe of yours still managed to shine through. I'm glad you think my characters have souls! When I started doing 3D I tried to base my 3D models on my drawings like this (ignore the last picture, it was cringe) πŸ˜„
I'm genuinely impressed by it
It looks simple yet difficult
Thank you, I'm very glad you enjoyed it! 😊
Can you please post some of the 3D models too. I would like to print it. It really inspires me. If I ever buy my own 3D printer, I might do that but I don't have any plans for it right now πŸ€”
Wow, I have an interesting idea.It would be really interestung if we can change the face of the model to ourselves, and see us bend into this style. Yeah, that would be great! Or maybe not 🀣
So Boris Vallejo was a big inspiration for your work? Yeah I can see that from your art now that you mention it.
Your modeling process here is amazing and I really enjoyed the watch.
I'm really glad that you enjoyed it! I watched it a couple of times too just because it's oddly fun to watch, as if somebody else is making it 😲
Dear Yuni, Thank you for this window into your fascinating technique! I had no idea how much work goes into your artwork. There is far more than just art + work! To make your characters so beautiful requires something beyond talent + skill + practice! Now I can see how you create, but it still can't explain where the beauty comes from. You yourself must be the ingredient missing from so much of the stuff called "art" these days. The teachers used to castigate me for erasing so often, but you prove erasing is the Royal Road to transcending the ordinary! There's no shortage of artists who have great art and soul, it depends on what you're looking for πŸ˜‰
Dear Yuni, I'm glad that you're a snail. My sister raised me Non-Binary and I'm grateful to her. Thank you for responding to my letters. Watching you morph and pose Yasha really is fun! I'd still rather enjoy your magic realism than anybody else's "art." You really are my favorite artist, alongside Pierre Renoir whose paintings of son Coco remind me of Yasha. Yeah, I thought it was fun to look at this process at 4x speed. I'm very glad that you enjoyed it! I watched it myself a couple of times, first to check if everything is okay with it, then just for fun.

Pierre Renoir's son indeed looks like Yasha. I'm also surprised that he is dressed like a girl but I was told a few times before that in the late 19th and early 20th centuries they used to dress up young boys and girls the same way. They also would put corpses of their old men in chairs and take "one last shot" before burying them. I guess the appearance of Hitler was only to be expected, he was like the peak of all that Victorian absurd...

I haven't seen Pierre Renoir's art before but I've seen other medieval art and sculptures, those pageboy haircuts and "bowl cuts" are always my favorite! They show that the boy is nice, because you can't be a dangerous psychopath with a haircut like that. You can only be a bully with short spiked hair, not a ponytail, not a bowlcut, not long hair down to your butt. If only short spiked hair were banned all over the globe, we would have a kinder Earth.

I'm sure Yasha was also inspired by the medieval haircuts, since he's a big fan of boy sculptures, both ancient Greek and medieval. He likes to pose in his ballet leggings or nude for various sculptors in his homeland, and then take pictures with the sculptures that were made after him. Well, why am I saying all this, I've already made a picture about it here! πŸ˜›
Hi, winni from germany . You are a dream !!!! Artist I'm very glad that you think so! πŸ˜ƒ
Holy Cow! .. OK. This is the place and you are the person I stop by for every few days to see what's new. I do some 3d and have made some attempts to mimic your models. Some good some not what I'd hoped. But I have to say your work is the gold standard. I could ask 100 technical questions but it'd probably bore most of your readers so .. I'll only get to 1. Some of your older works include something close to anthromorphs .. boys with tails, faces of lions, horns, etc. I love all those. But fur is a challenge in 3d. Do you have any plans to explore those themes in the future in a 3d environment?

You are the master!!! Can't say enough.
Thank you so much for stopping by! In 2021 it's a huge honor to have visitors on a small personal website. I haven't tried fur yet but I think I'll probably try it in the future. I'm very glad you're enjoying my works! 😊
AHHHHHH YUNI!!! THIS IS SOOOO STUNNING!!! It's soooo satisfying to see your 3D working process!! You are beyond AMAZING!!
I was so shocked that I couldn't speak
Oh but I'll tell you the truth, I was inspired to make this after I saw your Timelapse Drawing Process at
I wanted to make something like that. I'm very glad you enjoyed to watch it! πŸ₯°

Hello! What an amazing work! I'm so impressed with all your techniques and skills in Daz and Blender and PS!!! BTW think you use G8F as a base model for the boys included scenes inter alia, don't you? Have you ever tried Walther 2.0 for G8M? It's free and from what I can tell has an almost complete set of JSMs for anatomically correct posing in DS. Guess it would be useful in your art scheme. Either way - you're a great artist!
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