Moon Rabbit

A boy from the back side of the moon! 🌚

Ok, I committed two crimes in this one:
1. dyed Yasha's hair black
2. used 3D clothes that weren't modelled by me

What do you think? 😄
Woaha what a pleasant surprise in older pics! Love idea of black Yasha from "behind mirror" world and your super smart naming of picture.
I see only one big error - that he is on the moon :D I want him right here and now....
His look is so hot as always even without your dream like coloring. Who said there is cold in the space had no idea what he was speaking about.
Thanks for showing him like this!
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Yasha because was just lazy to create a whole new character just for one picture :D But now thinking of it, the story could be a joke about Yasha and Andrzej finding a time machine but it transformed them into a single person with the features of both XD

Coloring is fun but sometimes you try it in b/w and it looks so much better...
Thanks for bringing this back, often getting comments on older pictures really inspires to make new ones! Read more
Pleasure is all mine!
Why not sounds like interesting idea :-) Read more
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